Best Easy Work – Scam or Legit?

Looking for an honest Affiliate Advisor Group review? Or simply want to know if it’s a scam? Affiliate Advisor Group is yet another “done for you” program that provides you with a website and built in advertising. 

According to Best Easy Work it is free to set up, “Anyone can achieve,” and “Nothing is easier”. Done for you or copy and paste programs are prolific online. They seek to entice customers with the promise of easy quick money – something most find hard to pass up.

I recently reviewed Affiliate Advisor Group and Profit Point Autonomy, both very similar to what Best Easy Work is marketing. In fact I have uncovered numerous scams  such as Cash Formula, Auto Chat Profits, Profit 365, Instant Payment Method, and Copy My Email System all promoting fast money for little work.

It seems pretty clear that Beast Easy Work is just another get rich quick scheme that will ultimately leave you out of pocket. Get rich schemes just cannot work, something I have written about at length.

The truth is making money online is easy, but it does require TIME and EFFORT. With the right skills you can shortcut the process, and achieve financial freedom quicker, but it still will take time. If you are prepared to invest in yourself and put in the effort. In fact my number 1 recommendation has helped me make the MOST money online out of any programs I have reviewed. 

If you are serious about making money online, and not just searching for a get rich quick scheme you HAVE to check it out. Invest in yourself and change your financial future now.

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Best Easy Work Review

Despite what they market Best Easy Work is not a copy and paste automated system. In reality it is a recruitment multi-level marketing or MLM system – something Best Easy Work spend a lot of time disputing, and for good reason. MLMs have a stigma due to their long history of scamming. 

One of the most well known MLMs in the affiliate industry was MOBE  which were shut down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for its unscrupulous conduct.

More recently Digital Altitude was shut down for their MLM tactics, including the product Aspire Today.

Best Easy Work operates the exact same way. If you want to make money you have to recruit other members and earn commissions from the sign up. This type of “pay to play” program never lasts and really is a black mark on the affiliate marketing industry. The sooner we can get rid of them, the better. Perhaps on further investigation, I will be proven wrong. lets start by taking a look at the man behind the program.

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Best Easy Works Creator Martin Ruiz

Best Easy Work was created by Martin Ruiz who is the owner of Best Easy Work LLC.

The company is based out of Florida, where Martin resides and the website was registered in 2016. Ruiz has reportedly has a long history in sales operating in the work from home niche. The majority of information I could find linked him to cash gifting schemes which are dubious at best.

A clear red flag of affiliate programs and online businesses is an anonymous owner. Whilst Martin is clearly a real person, this in itself doesn’t validate the authenticity of the program. As we learnt from Digital Altitude and MOBEs demise it simply means the owner believes they are walking on the safe side of the fine line between scams and legit programs.

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Best Easy Work – How it Works

As previously stated Martin claims you can sign up for free, and start making money on autopilot with their program. Before I dive in, take a look at this landing page. I am not normally one to comment on the styling of the page but this looks like it was created in 1990 but a high school student.

Affiliate Marketing Best Easy Work Landing Page

When you visiting the landing page you are told you can instantly get access to a fully automated and instant money making website. Sounds like a great opportunity doesn’t it?

Not only can you instantly start making money with your free website, but the program also offers Health benefits, free marketing and free traffic.

Affiliate Marketing Best Easy Work Banner

It seems along with the 1990s approach to building their website, the team behind Best Easy Work take a similar approach to marketing. They proudly announce they will provide you with “FREE postcards & stamps that they mail for you!” All while ignoring the most important part of all, what the system actually does.

The sales video shows off the “Best Easy Work LLC” offices, which are clearly offices with the company name edited onto the walls. Following a very short speech from a paid Fiverr spokesperson, you will then have to sit through countless people telling you how much money you will make. Absolutely false income claims, with comically bad dubbed music and horribly photo shopped fake billboards. Even if this was 100% legit, the website, and horrible marketing they do for their own program should scare anyone away.  

I know what you are thinking, how does it actually work? Well like all the get rich quick schemes the sales video neglects to tell you that. That is because there is no program, and the only way to make money is to sign other people up. 

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How Does Best Easy Work Actually Work

Despite marketing themselves as a fully automated, done for you system, Best Easy Work is far from it. The marketing suggest you get a free instant money making website. If their website is an example of the calibre of their work, I can guarantee the free website will not make you any money. Quite frankly Best Easy Works website is an embarrassment and I cannot believe anyone would want to put their name against it. But enough of the site bashing lets focus on the finer details of the program.

In reality Best Easy Work is an MLM scam program that is simply moving money from one pocket to another. When you sign up, you pay a certain amount to qualify for comissions. When you sign up, the person who recruited you gets a commissions.

In turn  you then go on to recruit others to earn money. There are 11 affiliate levels, including the free account, the higher you go the more money you can earn. The “free” clients they mention in the video is simply passed up sales. Below is an example of an MLM structure from CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome), a legitimate MLM if there is such a thing.

CTFO Unilevel Downline

So if you enter the Best Easy Work system at level 1, you can only earn commissions that the level 1 affiliate member allows. If someone you recruit buys a level 2 account you the excess commission is passed up to the person who recruited you. This is a pay to play program which the FTC, rightfully so, is stamping out. With this type of system the product is irrelevant. You simply buy so you can sell to others and earn commissions. How much can you apparently make? Lets take a look at the commission scheme.

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Best Easy Work Compensation Plan

As I suggested there are 11 affiliate levels, a free member then level 1 to level 10. They claim to have a full sales team behind every lead you send them, so you do not even have to close the sale. Best Easy Work will do it all for you, just get the lead.

There are people who make a lot of money with these programs. But they rely on you forking out a large amount of money and successfully recruiting others. And when I say a large amount of money, in total you would need to spend $16,564! to qualify for all commissions at every level.

Below is a breakdown of each level, how much it costs and what commissions you can earn from the sale of this level to another:

  • Free member: earn $25 commissions whenever you directly refer a paid member
  • Level 1 – Pay $88 to qualify for $50 commissions on Level 1 recruits
  • Level 2 – Pay $188 to qualify for $120 commissions on Level 2 recruits
  • Level 3 – Pay $288 to qualify for $200 commissions on Level 3 recruits
  • Level 4 – Pay $500 to qualify for $350 commissions on Level 4 recruits
  • Level 5 – Pay $1,000 to qualify for $750 commissions on Level 5 recruits
  • Level 6 – Pay $1,500 to qualify for $1,200 commissions on Level 6 recruits
  • Level 7 – Pay $2,000 to qualify for $1,600 commissions on Level 7 recruits
  • Level 8 – Pay $2,500 to qualify for $2,000 commissions on Level 8 recruits
  • Level 9 – Pay $3,500 to qualify for $2,900 commissions on Level 9 recruits
  • Level 10 – Pay $5,000 to qualify for $4,000 commissions on Level 10 recruits

So as you can see, if you sign up as a free member and have some initial success, it is incredibly easy for the sales team to convince you to upgrade. Why wouldn’t you pay a bit more to earn greater commissions. 

For example, lets assume you are just a level 1 affiliate. This means you can earn $50 commissions. If someone buys in at level 8, which pays out a potential $2000, you still only earn $50, with the remaining $1950 being passed up the line to other members who are eligible.

The commission structure also pays overriding commissions using a uni-level downline system. In short if people you recruit sell to others, you get a smaller commission. Below are what Best Easy Work offers as overriding commissions:

  • Free member & Level 1 – Not eligible
  • Level 2 & Level 3 – $30 on level 2 & 3 sales
  • Level 4 to Level 9 – $50 on level 4 – 9 sales and previous level override commissions
  • Level 10 – $100 on level 10 sales and previous level override commissions

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Best Easy Work – Scam or Legit? The Verdict

Firstly could you theoretically make money with Best Easy Work? Yes. Should you try? Absolutely not. Recruitment MLMs are for all intensive purposes glorified pyramid schemes. They only work as long as there are more people willing to buy into the program. Just like pyramid schemes, recruitment MLMs always fail when the money dries up. With Best Easy Work this will happen once everyone understands what it really is. 

Imagine buying in at level 10, with dreams of selling and recruiting hundreds of other members, only to have the FTC shut the program down, or simply find no one is interested. When this goes bust, a lot of affiliates will be left with huge debts and no way of making their money back.

Now on to the matter of whether this is a scam? ABSOLUTELY THIS IS A SCAM. We may have varying definitions on what a scam is, and you may disagree with me, but I cannot leave any doubt that this program will lose you money. You get a worthless product that does work, and only make money if you can con others into buying into the system. STAY AWAY FROM BEST EASY WORK AT ALL COSTS.

How Do You REALLY Make Money Online?

Affiliate Marketing Top Recommendation Bonus

The reality is, making money online isn’t that hard. Regardless of how you do it, the process to start earning money online is quite simple.

But what is hard is staying committed, and being consistent when building your online business. Most people failed at making money online not because they couldn’t, they failed because they wouldn’t.

They wouldn’t put the consistent effort in every day to grow their business. Invest in themselves and learn the skills they needed to actually be successful. At the end of the day it all comes down to work ethic. Making money online is the same as offline business. It takes time to grow.  It won’t grow itself over night. You WILL need to do some work.

If you understand that you need to work to make money online. You need to be committed to set up an online business to eventually earn you a passive income, then read on. If you want to make money fast, and lots of it, this isn’t for you.

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