Instant Payment Method – Scam Or Legit?

Looking for an honest Instant Payment Method review? Or simply want to know if its a scam? Instant Payment Method claims to be a system that can easily earn you $250 daily or more. I have recently share a series of review that immediately remind me of this system – Point To Click Profits Review, Quick Home Websites Review, Secret Online Goldmine Review, and Instant Cash Solutions Review.

Will this program make you money online? Is it really as easy as the creators are marketing? Or will this system ultimately let you down and leave you with empty pockets? Quite simply, if it is a scam I will tell you to stay away. Making money only really isn’t difficult, and no one should lose their motivation because of some con artistic scam. If you are sick of scammers, and tired of searching check out my number 1 recommendation for making money online.

I created Affiliated Success with the goal to help as many people as possible make money online and avoid being scammed. When I started out I fell for nearly every scam in the book. I don’t want you to have to go through the same thing. 

Out of the 100s of programs I have tried and tested, this program has helped me make the MOST MONEY and helped me learn all the skills I needed to do it.

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Instant Payment Method Review

For the regular readers of Affiliated Success you would know that recently I have uncovered a lot of scams. I am unsure if I have just become better and uncovering them. Or there has been a jump in new scam programs being released. Either way there seems to be an endless supply of scam systems out there. So watch out.

Instant payment methods has a lot of the earmarks of these prior scam programs. I must point out, whilst I call all the prior programs scams, they were not technically 100% scams. You did get something for your purchase, but it was worthless generic material.

As you can see from the headline banner below, Instant Payment Method claims to be able to tell you, with a free video, how to instantly get $250 a monthly, weekly or even daily. This line in itself is slightly misleading, as it doesn’t actually give a time frame. Will it take you 1 year to get your first $250? Instantly alludes to straight away, but this isn’t the case.

Affiliate Marketing Instant Payment Method Website

The sales video, created by a man named Mack, goes on to show a screenshot of a $2000 daily revenue from the prior day. Claiming 8 sales were made whilst he “watched many episodes of  Sponge Bob with his son.” Compelling stuff!

Affiliate Marketing Instant Payment Method Website Sales Example

So what will you learn in this video, what is the Instant Payment Method?

What is Instant Payment Method?

According to the sales video Mack made all his commissions by using pre-written ads and a system anyone can use. In fact, the system is fully automated and does all the selling for you. Sounds a bit like a copy and paste scheme!

The Instant Payment Method is marketed to be a system that anyone can use, as Mack is not special and has no specialised skills. Despite this he wakes up every day richer!

The method will start out with $250 commissions, and you will slowly be able to increase this to $1000, $3000 and finally $5000!

Instant Payment Method is actually a sales funnel, not a product. The sales funnel promotes other business opportunities, namely the Fearless Momma Marketing course. So how is this then a way to make money? Lets take a closer look.

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How Does Instant Payment Method Work?

So you sign up for $250 and then are required to spend a further $97 to use his system. This fee is a $97 yearly subscription, to give you the rights to use this system. It is a paid affiliate account, which is incredibly common of all affiliate programs. So nothing alarming there. 

Now that you have paid your $97 you can also sell…the same opportunity. What we are talking about here is a pay to play system. In order to be an affiliate, you must first purchase the product itself, in order to sell it. 

This type of method is concerning, and use to be very common in affiliate marketing. Now a lot of legit programs are removing it from their structures as it is incredibly common with systems that lack a valuable product.

The $97 you pay go to Mack, that’s how he makes his money. The $250 you paid goes all to the affiliate you signed up under. So you are getting 100% commission on the sale of the course.

You will then be funnelled into other products, that are of higher value that are also pay to play. This is the $1000, $3000 and $5000 sales opportunities I spoke of. 

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Have You Heard of MOBE?

MOBE is a well know MLM which were shut down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The platform basically invited users to purchase the product to enable them to then on sell it to other users. Pay to play, to then sell the opportunity to others. I think you can agree that Instant Payment Method bears a striking resemblance to MOBE.

What we have here is a borderline pyramid scheme. When you run out of other potential affiliates to recruit, the system falls apart. One of the most recent pyramid schemes taken down by the FTC with a $238 million fine imposed was Vemma Nutrition Company.

If you recruit someone at the $250 level who goes on to by the $5000 product – you fail to get the commission. This is the incentive to continue to buy upwards. Ultimately the platform generates sales not on the value of the program, but simply through recruitment.

These types of platforms often have a short shelf life. It is only a matter of time before they get shut down by the FTC like MOBE and Vemma Nutrition Company.

Instant Payment Method Scam or Legit – The Verdict

The short answer is no, but we are in a grey area like my prior reviews. You are buying a product, that provides you some limited training. Is it worth $250 – in my opinion no, but a product none the less.

Can you make money with this system? Absolutely. If you have heard about it, and you are reading its review because it peaked your interest it has proven that it can make money.

It really depends on the type of marketer you want to be. And how comfortable you are in partnering with a platform that has a questionable shelf life. Personally I want to partner with a program that legitimately wants to add value to customers. The affiliate platform is secondary to their product, not the other way around.

Secondly I want a program that will actually stick around for years. Image spending your money and all your time getting leads, only to have the system shut down.

So is Instant Payment Method a scam? No. Can you make money with Instant Payment Method? Yes. Do I recommend you use this program? No. There are far better ways to make money online!

So if I do not recommend Instant Payment Method, even though you can make money what do I recommend?

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How Can You REALLY Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money online, but none of them are get rich schemes. If you are willing to invest in yourself, and build your own online business then making money online simply is not for you.

If you want to make money online, you need a real system, a good affiliate program, and training. 

Fortunately through all my reviews and research I have found the perfect program that ticks all the boxes. The product you sell, WILL TRAIN YOU how to sell it. Not only that, once you sign up you can enrol in a 15 Day Business Challenge where you are teamed up with a business advisory who helps you build YOUR business. 

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