Profit Point Autonomy – Scam or Legit?

Looking for an honest Profit Point Autonomy review? Or simply want to know if its a scam? Profit Point Autonomy claims you can easily make $500 or more a day with a simple and easy to use “done for you” system. These systems are sometimes referred to as Copy and Paste programs, as all you have to do is copy and paste their system.

This immediately reminds me of a number of scams I have recently reviewed under this model such as Cash Formula, Auto Chat Profits, Profit 365, Instant Payment Method, and Copy My Email System. All of these programs promoted copy and paste schemes that could make you 1000s a day, with now work at all. Simply by copying their program, with a few clicks, some in just 7 clicks, ultimately ended up being scams.

This seems too be just another get rich quick scheme. In fact I have reviewed so many, I recently published a post on why they simply cannot work. Has someone finally cracked the code to a no work, easy money solution? Or is it another scam? In a moment we will find out, but if you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online, you NEED to check out my number 1 recommendation.

There are no get rich quick schemes in life, but with the right knowledge and skills you can build a business over time that will make you a good living. I only recommend programs and systems that have made me money. In fact my number 1 recommendation below has helped me make the MOST MONEY out of all the platforms I have tried.

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Profit Point Autonomy Review

The moment I landed on the Profit Point Autonomy website it had all the tell tale signs of a money making scheme for the owners. Fortunately for those regular readers you will immediately be suspicious with the highly used template for the website.

As you can see below, it is fairly simple website. A bold income claim, a sales video and a fake scarcity warning trying to suggest it is a limited offer and encourage FOMO in the visitors. 

Affiliate Marketing Profit Point Autonomy Sales Page

The Profit Point Autonomy is almost identical in design to nearly all of the copy and paste scams I have reviewed. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were just rebranded and run by the same person. Unfortunately their is an unlimited supply of these sites on the website, and clearly people make money with them. So once they are discovered, they shut down, and another pops up. 

Make Money Online Cash Formula Website
Cash Formula Website

Affiliate Marketing - Point To Click Profits Website

Point to Click Website

This type of scam really pisses me off as it gives affiliate marketing and making money online a bad name. It is no secret that the industry is filled with spam and scams making everyone rightfully sceptical. These website are a strong reason for that.

A lot of naive and unsuspecting victims fall into the trap of buying a system that promising to make them rich quick. Who wouldn’t love the chance to make some fast easy money. And that is why it is so easy to scam people, taking advantage of those financially desperate or just seeking to make some more money. 

So with that said, how does the Profit Point Autonomy system work?

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How Does Profit Point Autonomy Work?

So the secret to the Profit Point Autonomy is that there is no system. At least one that you can use. The actual system is one employed by the scammers to make THEM money. By building hype, sensationalist marketing and dodgy sales tactics the scammers convince people to buy, by selling the dream and telling blatant lies.

Generally the Profit Point Autonomy sales funnel starts with an email or an online ad directing you to their website, where you will see the generic sales ad that follows the same script as countless other scams. If you watch the video you will be sold the dream of fast cash. The lifestyle you can live and others are ALREADY living by using the Profit Point Autonomy system.

Topped off with fake testimonials and income screenshots you will be told you are one of the lucky few to be selected for this incredible opportunity. BUT HURRY because spots are limited, you better get to it!

Regular visitors of Affiliated Success will know my opinion on testimonials. It is now easier than ever to get fake testimonials in bulk. In fact you can get the for under $10, with the spokespeople not even needing to try of view your product. Simply give them a script and they will record you a top quality recommendation. 

Affiliate Marketing Profit Point Autonomy Fiverr Fake Testimonials
Fiverr Testimonial Services

For just $47 you will be given access to this incredible app that will make you money simply by turning it on. It has never been easier to make money online and Profit Point Autonomy is giving it away at $47. Or are they?

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What Do You Get With Profit Point Autonomy?

It is pretty common for copy and paste scams to actually give you SOMETHING. If you know nothing about making money online, or affiliate marketing you may be fresh enough to think its legit. And is it technically a scam if you get something for your money? Or is it just false advertising. Perhaps they are working the grey area angle.

For $47 you get generic, cookie cutter training on affiliate marketing. In fact, this is a subject I, and many others have written about for free. You can check out my blogs on how to get started in affiliate marketing, and what you should include when creating you affiliate marketing plan.  If you are going to pay $47 for something, it needs to be something you cannot get for free with a simple google search.

From there, the creators of Profit Point Autonomy have the ability to bombard you with upsells. This is a legitimate business model in not only affiliate marketing, but most business models. “Would you like fries with that”, coined by McDonalds would be the most well known upsell to the general population. 

Scammers generally rely on upsells to make the bulk of their money. Sometimes the upsells are just as useless as the original product, such as “Advanced Training” or “Traffic Packs” but in some instances they use their platform to market and sell legitimate products. I have seem some scam sales systems that then on-sell their customers to legitimate well known, successful platforms. 

Profit Point Autonomy falls into the latter, simply pushing more useless products to try and milk as much money out of their victims as possible. So despite the misleading information, and the non existent system, can you make money this way?

Can You Make Money With Profit Point Autonomy?

The fact of the matter is, affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model, and you can make a very good living doing it. Some of the most well known affiliate marketers have built multi million dollar companies in the industry. Profit Point Automony is not one of them.

Buying this product will not help you make any money, and will leave you at minimum $47 out of pocket. Copy and Paste programs, and done for you systems do not work. The reason being, if you want to make any money online you need traffic. One of the best ways to get high quality, free traffic is through search engines like Google and Bing.

Their is a lot of competition to be number 1 on search engine positions and for good reason. According to Smart Insights the number 1 spot receives 30% of all search traffic for that keyword. With the next 2 results taking a further 25%. Page 2 of any search engine is basically a graveyard. The 9th and 10th position on page 1 receives just 2% of search traffic click through – no one is going on to lower positions on page 2.

With so much competition, you need well written content, a credible website, with others referencing your material among countless other measures. None of this will occur simply by duplicating another websites content. There has been a well referenced myth that google penalises duplicate content, when it doesn’t directly. However according to it can heavily impact on your SEO. Search engines will rarely display multiple versions of the same page, so you are essentially competing against yourself and whoever is also using the same content. Using the same content as other dilutes your search results.

A system selling generic affiliate marketing training, and hyping a duplicate content system that will not work – not guesses as to what the verdict will be!

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Profit Point Autonomy – Scam or Legit? The Verdict

Absolutely no surprises here. Profit Point Autonomy is a scam. It is the next in a long line of copy and paste scams, the take advantage of the naive, financially desperate or those just caught up in the excitement of making some fast money.

There are simply not ways to make money quickly online. Just like any “offline” business, online business takes time to grow. You cannot get rich quick, but there are shortcuts to making money online. With the right skills and knowledge, you can start at the right point, with the right skills to grow your business and make sales. 

If you are willing to invest in yourself, and invest your time and efforts into growing a long term sustainable online business then my number 1 recommendation is for you. In fact it was how I got to where I am today, with my online business. It has helped me earn the MOST money online, by teaching me the skills I needed to grow a profitable business. 

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