Why Get Rich Quick Schemes Don’t Work

Do you want to know why get rich quick schemes don’t work? Not only that, do you wan’t to know how to avoid them, and more importantly how to REALLY make money online? Then read on!

Get rich schemes are everywhere, and none of them ever work. I am sure if you have spent any time on the internet you have come across ads, or posts that read a little something like this:

  • How I Quit My Job After 1 Week Earning $3,000 A DAY With This Simple System
  • Get Rich Quick With This Secret System 
  • Earn $1000 A Day With 5 Simple Clicks

As an affiliate marketer this type of marketing really pisses me off. Get rich scheme’s take advantage of the naive and give legitimate programs a bad name.

Affiliated Success was actually started after I myself had been scammed countless times. I wanted to discover the best way to make money online, and in turn tell you how to do it. I now spend MY MONEY so you can MAKE MONEY and not get scammed.

Fortunately for you, I learnt the hard way. Every scam there is, I fell for, so I know a thing or two about why get rich schemes don’t work. 

In a moment I will share with you the reason why get rich quick schemes don’t Work, but before I do I wanted to share something with you. 

Full disclosure, yes I do get a commission from this program, and so can you. I actually stumbled across this program when trying to learn how to market my business.

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Why Get Rich Quick Schemes Don’t Work

The quickest I have ever heard of someone I know getting rich quick is a friend that recently made over $250k during a two week event launch for Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson & Dean Graziosi. So he got rich quick for affiliate marketing in two weeks….or did he?

Prior to that he spend 4 years building his affiliate business. Slowly scaling, and growing his network of subscribers. Then when this amazing opportunity came around he had the knowledge, skill and the network to promote to, to make a massive amount of money quickly. 

To be honest, when you see examples of businessmen and entrepreneurs getting rich quick, it has come after years of hard work. Over night successes generally happen after years of lead up. One moment you didn’t know about them, the next you did. That is how the get rich quick illusion propagates. So then, why cant get rich schemes work? For a few reasons.

You Need To Develop A Network 

Online businesses only work if you have someone to sell to. Not only that, they need to be specifically interested in your offering. According to Internet Live Stats at the time of writing, there were a little under 1.7 billion websites, without 200 million of them being actually active.

Why Get Rich Quick Schemes Don’t Work - Website Saturation

So if the strategy involves websites, you have over 200 million websites competing for traffic. If you are planning on relying on SEO, all of these websites potentially have been developing their SEO strategies for some time. In one day you will not be able to unhinge their ranking positions.

SEO depends on many factors, to determine your websites authority. One of which is back links, and another content – these both take a lot of time to develop. 

But wait social media! You can simple use your method to broadcast to the world. Think again. According to a recent report by Statista there are currently 2.77 billion social media users, all posting content, what makes you think they will want to listen to you. 

Twitter for example has a content life span of 18 minutes, meaning it will receive half of its original views in 18 minutes due to new content. 

Why Get Rich Quick Schemes Don’t Work - Social Media Content Lifespan

So with everyone competing, in a sea of websites and content, you have to be able to stand out AND have your links clicked. 

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Getting Rich Quick Takes Time

Any business, online or offline takes time. Just because you are building an online business doesn’t mean there are not things to prepare and build. Websites need domains, hosting and themes. You need to consider your websites and content.

Social media accounts need to be created (ok that’s easy) and your brand personality decided upon. Then there is content. For both websites and social media you need to develop content. Copying and pasting others content make get you some attention, and get you by for a while. 

But your content needs to be specifically designed and targeted to your niche. Writing content is harder than you would think. Try this, pick a topic and sit down and write 3 1500 blog posts, along with 10 social media posts. See how long that takes, then multiply that by daily content posts.

Starting to truly understand how much time it takes? Then there is your skills?

You Need Specific Skills To Make Money Online

Yes there are lots of tools out there that make marketing online these days very easy, but there is still a learning curve in using them. Despite what you think you know about online marketing, affiliate marketing is a whole new ball game. 

More than likely you will start out as an affiliate marketer with a bold sense of enthusiasm. You will convince yourself you don’t need to spend money on your own education, because google will tell you it all. Then you will be a few months into your journey, still not making consistent sales and wondering what is happening. Or why it isn’t happening for that matter.

I, like all the affiliate marketers I know started out this way.  What get rich quick schemes often market to you is a copy and paste scheme. They don’t actually tell you anything, and just “give you the money making system”.

Unfortunately what you really need is training, and tips from people who have ACTUALLY succeeded. How quickly can you learn multiple new skills?

Most Importantly It’s Hard And Not Quick

Get rich quick schemes market to you an incredibly easy and quick way to make money online. They even sometimes promote amazing returns on the first day of you using their system.

Even with a working system, you need to be consistently posting content, enraging with your networks and developer subscriber lists. If you were expecting money to flow in immediately, how easy do you think it would be to do all of that for free.

Most of the scammers who create these get rich quick schemes make most of their money from people who give up in the first week or two. Having been sold the dream, then realizing it doesn’t exist they become demotivated, embarrassed and just want it to be in the past.

So I have laid out why get rich quick schemes don’t work, how do you avoid them and find a real money making opportunity or resource. 

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How To Avoid Get Rich Quick Schemes

It is all well and good for me to list off a bunch of reasons why get rich quick schemes don’t work – but how do you avoid them? As cliche as it sounds, if it is too good to be true it probably is. I can pretty much categorically tell you, if the program suggests you will make $1,000 in as little as a day, or a few weeks it is probably a scam.

“Copy and paste” programs are also another big alarm bell. If they market themselves as a done for you business, that you simply have to set up with a few clicks – its probably a scam.

If they focus on over-hyped claims – “Make $1,000s a day”, “Katie earns $5,400 a day with this simple system” its probably a scam.

When there is no real selling point, other than you can get rich quick with no effort, its a scam. 

As you can see, most of it is common sense. But don’t feel embarrassed if you have been scammed, or get scammed in the future. So many people, including me, sometimes get wrapped up in the excitement of making money online quickly.  

How Do You Really Make Money Online?

So many people come to me, or visit my site in search of finding the solution to making money online. To be honest, most are not prepared for the answer. Despite knowing that you cannot make money online quickly, they still hold some hope they will not have to do much work. 

Unless you are prepared to seriously commit to your online business, you simple shouldn’t even start. To make money online, you need to start a BUSINESS. There are no schemes, there are no systems. It takes hard work, planning, commitment and a willingness to admit you don’t know the answers.

If you think you have what it takes, then invest in yourself. Choose a training program that has been around for a while, with proven results and positive commentators. If you are unsure, google it – if people have been scammed, someone would have written a review about it. 

Before you launch your affiliate business, plan your journey. Map out your content strategy, choose your social media channels and learn all about how to market it. As I suggested at the start, my number 1 recommendation is how I learnt to build and grow my affiliate marketing business.

After joining the Marketers Club you can enroll in the FREE 15 Day Business Challenge and map out your business future with their help. The best part? You can literally ask them anything, and schedule a call whenever you like. 

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