Auto Chat Profits – Scam or Legit?

Looking for an honest Auto Chat Profits review? Or simply want to know if its a scam? Auto Chat Profits makes some incredibly bold claims, even going as far as saying it can immediately help you make $100s per day. This is all achievable by a “Weird robot technology” that “siphons” money every day thanks to the power of automation. 

This seems like another get rich quick scheme to me. Promising easy money, without any work. So is it another scam? Or has someone finally cracked the code to work free money!? In a moment we will find out, but if you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online, you NEED to check out my number 1 recommendation.

There are no get rich quick schemes in life, and no magic bullets to instantly bring you financial freedom. But with the right knowledge and skills you can build a business over time that will make you a good living. I only recommend programs and systems that have made me money. In fact my number 1 recommendation below has helped me make the MOST MONEY out of all the platforms I have tried.

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Auto Chat Profits Review

The marketing for Auto Chat Profits reads like it is straight out of a scam & hype marketing playbook. Using buzz words and enticing language to suggest THIS IS the program that will make you easy money.

Just look at the headline on the website:

Make Money Online Auto Chat Profits Marketing Message

Any system that claims to be able to make you money, without doing any work is almost certainly a scam. Even more so, if it claims you can instantly make money. I have reviewed countless copy and paste schemes, and automated money making programs. Aliprofits System, 22 Minutes to Profits, Point To Click Profits Review, Quick Home Websites ReviewSecret Online Goldmine Review, and Instant Cash Solutions Review. The list goes on. All of the promising fast cash results. All of them ultimately scams.

The simple fact of the matter is get rich quick schemes can NEVER work. Online business like any business requires time, skill and commitment to grow. You cannot go from 0 to making a full time salary over night. If you believe you can, I am sorry to say you will be scammed eventually.

But lets assume that Auto Chat Profits is the real deal. The only program I have ever review to finally crack the automated fast money code. Lets dive in a little deeper and see what the program does.

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How Does Auto Chat Profits Work?

Auto Chat Profits apparently uses artificial intelligence coupled with chat bot software to detect visitors and make you easy money. Sounds ground breaking and revolutionary! Unfortunately it is far from it. 

The good thing is that Auto Chat Profits is a ClickBank product, so you can take advantage of their refund policy once you discover its not as advertised.  

When you purchase Auto Chat Profits you are provided with a website, that you will use to sell ClickBank affiliate products. The automated chat bot collects the email address of potential customers, and then enables you to be able to marked to them directly. Follow the 3 steps, watch the video. That’s it.

Make Money Online Auto Chat Profits Members Area

The product also gives your training and how to generate traffic to your new website. Will this help you earn $100s a day, simply by turning on this “weird robot technology”? No. The training is cookie cutter, generic stuff that can be found virtually anywhere, on any site telling you the basics of affiliate marketing. 

This will not make you money in just 6 minutes and 14 clicks. 

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How Does Auto Chat Profits Really Work?

So they tell you all you have to do is turn their software on, and watch the money pour in. But what will actually happen if you did buy Auto Chat Profits? The software is a complete waste of time, and really will not generate you any profit at all.

First you will pay $37 to get access to the “software”. Then you can expect multiple up-sells. Common in affiliate marketing, and really any programs online and thats not an issue. The issue is what they are offering is also useless. These up-sells include;

  • Upsell 1: ACP Faster Profits ($197) – A prebuilt fully-hosted Affiliate Website loaded with a custom chatbot, sales video, articles and product reviews to maximize potential conversions. So you are buying a template website for $197.
  • Upsell 2: ACP Double Your Profit Sites ($187) – A prebuilt fully-hosted Affiliate Website, in a different niche, loaded with a custom chatbot, sales video, articles and product reviews to maximize potential conversions. Another template website, just in a different niche.
  • Upsell 3: ACP Traffic Tsunami ($97) – A course that will teach you traffic strategies to get more people clicking your links. 

They will try and convince you that you need the up-sells to make the program work. When you are unsuccessful after buying Auto Chat Profits you will probably think you are doing something wrong. That is when you will be vulnerable and most likely to buy these up-sells. 

The software will just spam your affiliate links on different platforms and hope that they stick somehow. This is the WORST kind of affiliate marketing, and quite frankly gives affiliate marketing a bad name. This WILL NOT make you any money – anyone who has been spammed with links know, you just ignore them. Nothing good can come from clicking a spam link.

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Auto Chat Profits Red Flags?

The red flags of Auto Chat Profits are pretty standard of nearly every scam I have ever reviewed.

Fake Income Claims

The income claims are laughable, with a poorly build “daily sales snapshot” shown in the sales video. If it is to be believed, the user simply turned on the software, then made $200 two days in a row then it jumped up to $1000 a day. Just by turning this software on.

Make Money Online Auto Chat Profits Income Demo

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Fake testimonials

Testimonials are pretty worthless these days. In fact I completely discount any testimonials as a rule of thumb unless I can verify it is a real person, who has actually used the product. You can simply buy a spokesperson on Fiverr for under $100. These people will say whatever you like, without even using your product.

In fact, Auto Chat Profit’s using stock images for their “sales coach” Jenny. Below is the a screen shot of the chat bot introducing Jenny. She will help you make lots of money with Auto Chat Profits.

Make Money Online Auto Chat Profits JennyThe photo however is just a stock image, from iStock. Cost them just $33! “Jenny” probably doesn’t even know they are using her image.

Make Money Online Auto Chat Profits Jenny Istock Photo

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Anonymous Owner

I have spoken about this point in virtually every scam I have uncovered, and it is the common theme of any scam. In affiliate marketing, and online marketing one of the most powerful things you can do is develop a personal brand. If this was a legit program, the last thing the owner would want to do is remain anonymous.

The sales video is narrated by Samantha. Generally the scams introduce the owner in their sales video, and they narrate how their system has made them so much money. In this video Samantha doesn’t identify as the owner, but the premise remains. 

By being connected to a legit program that works, “Samantha” could develop a strong personal brand. Why is a personal brand so powerful? Once you develop credibility, and a history of success you can then leverage this to make sales. When people trust you, they will buy your suggested products.

We have no idea who owns or operates Auto Chat Profits, because the owners want to be able to scam as many people as possible, and to get away with it. If no one knows who they are, it is harder to get caught!

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Auto Chat Profits – Scam or Legit? The Verdict

I think this one is pretty obvious, but in case you were still on the fence, this is a useless product. Auto Chat Profits fits into the grey area of ClickBank products I have previously reviewed.

I cannot call it a 100% scam. You do get something for your money, and you can also get a refund if you wish to go through the ClickBank refund process. But the value of the product is $0, and it will not make you any money. The marketing is completely misleading, and actually false.

They promise 90% commissions on people who promote and sign up others to the program. 90% is an incredibly large commission, and that should make you question whats in it for them? 10%? No, your information and the up-sells. $37 is an entry into potentially $518 worth of up-sells AND future marketing opportunities for other scams.

Online business needs traffic, plain and simple. If you want people to buy your offering or click on your links, they need to see it. Buying a domain, and throwing up an “auto bot” software won’t get you any traffic. Traffic takes time to cultivate!

The verdict is clear. STAY AWAY FROM AUTO CHAT PROFITS! Disappointing? Were you hoping that this easy system was going to be your gateway to the online money making world? Unfortunately not, but read on to find out my recommendation!

How Do You REALLY Make Money Online?

Affiliate Marketing Top Recommendation Bonus

The truth of the matter is, that there is NO system that can make you money with a few simple clicks and in mere minutes. Making money online is like any business. It takes time and commitment to set up. 

The good thing is making money online is actually quite easy. The number one reason people fail at making money online is not the process. They fail because they are not committed and don’t do the work. It won’t grow itself over night. You WILL need to do some work.

If you understand that you need to work to make money online. You need to be committed to set up an online business to eventually earn you a passive income, then read on. If you want to make money fast, and lots of it, this isn’t for you.

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