Affiliate Advisor Group – Scam or Legit?

Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Advisor Group LogoLooking for an honest Affiliate Advisor Group review? Or simply want to know if its a scam? Affiliate Advisor Group is yet another “done for you” program claiming to be able to help you make $5k a week. Done for you programs or copy and paste programs as they are often referred to as, claim to be able to make you massive amounts of money with no effort at all. Simply by copying their program, with a few clicks, some in just 7 clicks. All ultimately ended up being scams.

I recently reviewed Profit Point Autonomy a scam program very similar to what Affiliate Advisor Group is marketing. In fact I have uncovered numerous scams  such as Cash Formula, Auto Chat Profits, Profit 365, Instant Payment Method, and Copy My Email System all promoting fast money for little work.

It seems pretty clear that Affilaite Advisor Group is just another get rich quick scheme that will ultimately leave you out of pocket. The only people getting rich will be the creators! Get rich schemes just cannot work, and I have written about why at length to try and help people avoid the common traps.

Online business is the same as any other business, if you want to succeed you need time and commitment. With the right knowledge and skills you can make some serious money if you are prepared to invest in yourself and put in the effort. In fact my number 1 recommendation has helped me make the MOST money online out of any programs I have reviewed. 

If you are serious about making money online, and not just searching for a get rich quick scheme you HAVE to check it out. Invest in yourself and change your financial future now.

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Affiliate Advisor Group Review

The Affiliate Advisor Group website makes the same claims that are all to common amongst online money making scams. It will help you earn 100’s a day using a fool proof “done for you” system.

According the marketing for Affiliate Advisor group with just a few simple clicks you can set up your online business and earn a full time income from home.

The website is almost a scammers template. Literally hundreds of scam copy and paste programs I come across use this exact website layout. Probably because it works. As you can see from the site below it makes the claim of earning you a full time income, $500, $1000 or even $5000 a week with a fool proof system.

A sales video with a montage of newsbroadcasts that have no affiliation with the program, and a false association with popular news channels to try and build credibility. “As seen on”. I can tell you right now it has never been seen on any of them. To finish it off a false countdown timer to build urgency. You are special, you have been selected for this but you only have 12 minutes don’t miss out! If you refresh the page the timer starts again, interesting.

Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Advisor Group Website Claims

What we are looking at here is straight out of the online scammers playbook if there was such a thing. Gimmick marketing, false claims to build trust and hyped income claims. All with the promise of barely any work. 

Unfortunately these programs are prolific on the internet, and will continue to be. They simply take advantage of the naive, financially desperate or just those people caught up in the excitement of potentially changing their financial future. These sites are the reason affiliate marketing and online money making businesses get a bad name, and quick frankly piss me off.

With that being said, lets dive in to the actual program and maybe, I highly doubt it, we will be surprised!

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What is Affiliate Advisor Group?

Your first question may be what is the Affiliate Advisor Group? Is it a consulting service? An advisory group that will guide you through you online business journey? All very valid questions that you would expect to be answered in the sales video.

Now you wouldn’t expect the video to tell you all the secrets of the program, but at least a general synopsis of what it is all about. If you thought this, you will be left bitterly disappointed! The sales video is essentially a get rich quick hype video. It tells you nothing about the actual program. Instead the video serves as a tool to hopefully get you excited about the opportunity that this could be. To hype up Affiliate Advisor Group so much that you forget about asking the relevant questions.

Immediately when you are confronted with a video you should start to do a bit of digging. Genuine business use this tactic, but then support it with deeper information. Any sales process will seek to answer the questions of “what can this solution solve for me” in their material. So it is natural to rely on illustrating the financial benefits you can enjoy from the program. But then they generally tell you a bit about what you’ll learn, and how everything works.

That is where Affiliate Advisor Group stops. Instead you are just told about how with no effort at all you can make massive amounts of money. You are shown fake testimonials of people who have apparently made 10,000s using the system. But nothing at all about how it works.

So if the video wont tell us, will some deeper digger give us some insights into how Affiliate Advisor group works? Lets find out.

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How Does Affiliate Advisor Group Work?

When you land on the Affiliate Advisor Group page you have the option of watching the video or getting instant access just by entering your first and last name as well as your email. Now you are on the mailing list!

By clicking on the “Get Instant Access Now” button you are directed the check out page where you need to enter general billing information such as your address:

Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Advisor Group Instant Access Page

For a one time payment of $37 you will get access to apparently nearly $10,000 worth of content! That is quite a bargin.
  • Full access to the Affiliate Advisor Group training worth a laughable $7000.
  • VIP coaching from a profresisonal affiliate advisor valued at $650
  • 24/7 customer support valued at $2000 and a free copy of the creators favourite ebook valued at $30.

This all comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. I have not been able to to verify the validity of this statement. So whether you will actually get your money back if you requested it is another story.

On face value this appears like an exceptional program, massive amounts of value. Unfortunately Affiliate Advisor Group falls short on delivering.  Your training valued at $7000 is just generic, cookie cutter training. All of which that can be found for free online, including some great guides below;

Now please give me $7000, or I will settle for $37.

The other thing you get with the Affiliate Marketing Group is a done for you website. To get access to this you will need to pay $15. Will this provide you will massive value? Not really and here is why. This is the same as just downloading a wordpress template and installing it. Its like getting a car without learning to drive. Yea it good to have, but simply having it WILL NOT make you any money. The difference is you pay $15 and don’t get a choice from the other hundreds of thousands of templates available online. 

This program is DEFINITELY not valued at nearly $10,000 and quite frankly I am highly sceptical on whether it is even worth $37. The training is nothing new you cannot get for free. This program seems to me to be a sales funnel for upsells, nothing more.

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Affiliate Advisor Group Red Flags

The Affiliate Advisor Group has all the telltale red flags of all the other online scams.

Anonymous Creator

For those of you who are knew to affiliate marketing, one of the most powerful things you can create is a personal brand. By creating a program that actually helps people make money online, and provides genuine training you get instant credibility. With this your personal brand can grow. People know your claims are true, and quite frankly will be more inclined to buy more from you in the future.

If I created this program, and it was legit, I would want the world to know it was me who created it. A loyal network of followers empowers you with the ability to get repeat sales. Create a better, high ticket program and they will buy it. Anonymous creators instantly set off alarm bells.

Fake Associations with News

There is absolutely no doubt the news clippings are generic, and no at all about Affiliate Advisor Group. How do I know? They are used on EVERY scam in this industry. Clippings that don’t actually say any product names, or identify the program. Just generic clips that speak about opportunities to make money, and “secret”, “hidden” untapped programs that can make you money. Affiliate Advisor Group has NO association at all with ABC, Fox News or CNBC.

Fake Testimonials

The sales video is full of fake testimonials from people who have apparently made lots of money with this program. One of them is Sarah, who claims she has made over $37k.

Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Advisor Group Fake Testimonial

Sarah is not real, her photo is just a stock photo the creators have pulled off the internet.

Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Advisor Group Fake Testimonial Stock Photo

Anyone who regularly visits Affiliated Success would know my thoughts on testimonials. It is incredibly easy these days to just buy stock images with sites like iStock or ShutterStock. For video testimonials there are literally 100s of people willing to do a video testimonial for under $100 on sites such as Fiverr.

Affiliate Advisor Group is just full of false claims, fake testimonials and pure hype. With that knowledge alone, would you then go on to buy a training package? I think not. On to the verdict, I doubt there will be any surprises here.

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Affiliate Advisor Group – Scam or Legit? The Verdict

Affiliate Advisor Group like many of the copy and paste programs fall into the grey area of scams. Whilst you do receive something for your money, it is pretty much useless and wont help you make any money.

Furthermore if their claims are true you can also get your money back for up to 60 days. The creators are probably counting on the fact that you won’t ask for your money back. Or you will be convinced to buy the more expensive upsells, which you cannot get a refund from.

So whilst I cannot call this an out and out scam, I can give a very strong recommednation. Stay away from Affiliate Advisor Group. It will not help you make any money online. Save your money and invest in something that will teach you how to market you business, and actually make money! How? Read on.

How Do You REALLY Make Money Online?

Affiliate Marketing Top Recommendation Bonus

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. The reality is, it is not hard to make money online. As long as you are willing to invest in yourself, commit your time and effort.

Most people fail to make money online not because its hard, but because they were not willing to do the work. 

They wouldn’t put the consistent effort in every day to grow their business. Invest in themselves and learn the skills they needed to actually be successful. At the end of the day it all comes down to work ethic. Making money online is the same as offline business. It takes time to grow.  It won’t grow itself over night. You WILL need to do some work.

If you understand that you need to work to make money online. You need to be committed to set up an online business to eventually earn you a passive income, then read on. If you want to make money fast, and lots of it, this isn’t for you.

Below is my number 1 recommendation for making money online. It will teach you the tools YOU NEED to make money online, and to be successful. Once you join the Marketers club you should IMMEDIATELY enrol in the FREE 15 Day Business Challenge.

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