My Home Cash Club – Scam or Legit?

Looking for an honest My Home Cash Club review? Or simply want to know if it’s a scam? My Home Cash Club claims to be the latest business opportunity that can make you financially free in not time! They claim with just 30 minutes of work a day you can earn over $500 a day. 

This program reminds me of similar systems I have recently reviewed which ultimately turned out to be scams. Such scams include Profit Point AutonomyReal Online ProfitsHome Income Millionaire, Cash Formula and Best Easy Work.

All of these systems ultimately turned out to be scams, and all promoted the same thing. Fast returns, with little to minimal work. Some sold you basic easy to find information, and others sold you nothing at all.  Programs like this are typical in the online community as everyone wants to make quick money and get rich quick. But the fact of the matter is that get rich quick schemes just don’t work. Could My Home Cash Club be the program that breaks the trend and turns out to be actually legitimate? I am highly sceptical, but lets take a look. 

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My Home Cash Club Review

Like all the other programs I have reviewed in the same vain, My Home Cash Club’s premise is pretty simple. Pay up to learn the secret system. A system that will allow you to earn $500+ a day, with little work almost on autopilot.

You are lucky to have been chosen for this secret and new program, but hurry there are limited spots and time is running out. Relying heavily on FOMOthe creators try and create a sense of urgency to distract you from the shear lack of information presented and poor execution of the system.

When you land on the sales landing page, all you are greeted with is the sales video, and a sign up page with a fake countdown timer. The sales video is like all the generic sales videos for these programs, little to no information about the actual program. Selling the dream of financial freedom and making false income claims with fake spokepersons giving glowing testimonials.

Affiliate Marketing My Home Cash Club Sales Page

So without all the smoke and mirrors, at its core, what is the My Home Cash Club actually about. How will it deliver on its inflated income claims. Lets dive a little deeper.

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What is My Home Cash Club About?

My Home Cash Clubs website claims to help its members make $500 per day online, with some apparently making up to $30,000 a month. How? By using drop shipping a widely known and used business model that generates online sales.

Affiliate Marketing My Home Cash Club Drop Shipping Website

The premise of drop shipping is essentially acting as a merchant connecting sellers and buyers. You have a site where you offer products that you do not actually physically have. When you sell the product to a customer, the merchant you provides you with the product sends the product. 

Dropshipping has many benefits, such as, having much smaller overheads – you do not need to have massive inventory levels draining you cash. The merchant also deals with all the shipping, returns and customer service of the product. It can be a great way to start an online business if you know what you are doing.

My Home Cash Club claims to teach you how to set up your dropshipping business by focusing on highly profitable niches and products. Here’s the thing, dropshipping can make you a lot of money, and can be a full time  business. Just like affiliate marketing. But it takes A LOT of work. But as soon as a program tells you you can earn $500+ a day with little to no work, alarm bells should immediately start ringing.

The interesting thing, is when you sign up to My Home Cash Club the material they share with you has basically NOTHING to do with dropshipping! So what do you get?

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What Does A My Home Cash Club Membership Get You?

The thing that immediately jumped out at me when jumping into the members area was it has nothing to do with dropshipping. If you were a would be dropshipping enthusiast and it was your primary focus to make money online, this would be completely worthless. What they actually teach you is affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing My Home Cash Club Members Area

For just $47 you will learn the secrets of dropshipping, by learning affiliate marketing? Unfortunately the material they give you is very outdated, generic and easy to obtain anywhere for free. When you invest in a program you want information and guidance that cannot be googled, and more importantly a community that supports you and actually wants you to be successful. 

The internet is full of free guides, Affiliated Success was founded to give free advice and information on affiliate marketing. Such as s on how to start affiliate marketing, why you should use channels such as YouTube for affiliate marketing and how to right a comprehensive affiliate marketing business plan

So what sets My Home Cash Club apart from the above free guides? Unfortunately nothing. After you pay your $47 you will be bombarded with numerous upsells, such as traffic packs, hosting and “VIP training” all of which is as useful as the original product. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with upsells as long as they provide extra value – these do not. 

Affiliate Marketing My Home Cash Club Training Videos

In the video training sections you get a bunch of unorganised, outdated training videos. Press releases, article marketing and e-zine all incredibly outdated in the affiliate marketing world. They will also teach you about ClickbankClickBetter and JVZoo all sites that offer affiliate products you can then sell to your customers networks. 

I do not believe you will learn much with this program, and it is definitely not a guide to an automated system to make you $500 a day easily with minimal work. 

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My Home Cash Club Red Flags

All “automated”, “no work” systems are a red flag in their very nature. As someone with a lengthy history in the affiliate marketing industry, I can tell you nothing exists. If it did I would do it, and I would tell you about it! You make money, I make money. That’s how affiliate marketing really thrives. My Home Cash Club has all the “normal” red flags of a program that you should probably stay away from. 

Fast Money Making & False Income Claims

As I suggested earlier any program claiming you can make fast money is just a get rich quick scheme that will ultimately leave you with empty pockets. Online business is the same as offline business. It takes time to grow, and get customers.

In the make money online community it seems pretty common for all scams to say you can make $500 online every day. I am unsure why they all choose $500 but they do. Legit programs rarely make dollar value income claims. This type of marketing often leads to them being shut down for being misleading. 

My Home Cash Club has some of the higher end income claims I have seen to date, suggesting you can make $30,000 a month with their program.The ridiculous thing is there is no program, they just tell you about affiliate marketing. Its like saying you have a program, that simply tells you about the internet, how web pages work, and how you can set them up. Then saying you can earn $100 billion like Jeff Bezos buy creating the biggest online business in history.

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Anonymous Creator

In nearly all the scams I uncover, they have no visible owner. And this is very peculiar particularly in affiliate marketing. One of the most powerful things you can do is build a personal brand.Lets take a look at Tony Robbins for example. He has had so many successful business programs that anything associated to his name sells.

If you really created a great program that can genuinely help people make people money online you would want EVERYONE to know about it! This would grow your credibility and personal brand so that the next program, system or training package you come up with they will buy straight away and tell others to. The only logical reason for straying anonymous is because you want to cut and run with peoples money.

Dodgy Traffic Upsells

When people think about traffic and advertising they Google generally springs to mind immediately. Most of the traffic models used in affiliate marketing, and online business involve something called PPC advertising. PPC stands for pay per click, and as the name suggests you pay for everyone that clicks the link you place on the ad. So if someone for example where to search How to Make Money Online, and I had an ad running, I would only get charged if someone clicked it.

The upsells that My Home Cash Club offer charges you on impressions. Which can get incredibly costly and offer you no value at all. Think about the amount of times you google things, and up the top are ads. That is 1 impression and you would be charged, even if the person did not click or have any interest in what you were offering.

If the creators actually think this is the BEST model to get traffic to your site, it goes a long way in explaining whether this program is worth it or not. 

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Fake Testimonials

Regular readers of Affiliated Success will know I do not place much faith in any testimonial, unless they are verifiable from a actual person on social media. And even then they can still be questionable. The reason for this is it is now far too easy to pay someone to do a testimonial for you. A quick search on Fivver for video testimonial gigs show countless people willing to do video testimonials for as little as $5.

My Home Cash Club offers numerous video testimonials from people, one even claiming to make on average $2,300 A DAY. Not only are the testimonials from paid actors, but they are identical to another scam, Your New at Home Career. They didn’t even bother to change the videos. In fact I am 90% certain it is run by the same people. 

Below you can see two spokespeople who gave glowing testimonials for the program:

Affiliate Marketing My Home Cash Club Video Testimonials
 And there here are their respective Fiverr video testimonial gig profiles;
Affiliate Marketing My Home Cash Club Video Testimonial Fiverr Profile FemaleAffiliate Marketing My Home Cash Club Video Testimonial Fiverr Profile Male

My Home Cash Club – Scam or Legit? The Verdict.

I doubt this will come as any surprise but I do not believe My Home Cash Club is a legit program. As with most of the programs I review on here, it falls into the grey area of scams. You get something for your purchase, so can we call it an out and out scam?

What you receive is completely falsely marketed, not what you would intend to by. Outdated, generic and definitely not worth $47. The creators of My Home Cash Club have merely created a half ass program to give the impression they are providing some value in the hope you won’t call them out for scamming you. 

The verdict here is pretty clear. Stay way from My Home Cash Club. It will not help you start your online business. You will waste your time and money, there are far better programs out there two help you make money online. What do I recommend? Read on!

How Do You REALLY Make Money Online?

Affiliate Marketing Top Recommendation Bonus

Unfortunately this isn’t the first scam I have uncovered, and definitely will not be the last. I started Affiliated Success with the hope of sharing what I had learnt, and making sure others don’t make the mistakes I did. In learning how to make a successful online affiliate business I came across countless scams. You do not need too!

The reality is, making money online isn’t that hard. Regardless of how you do it, the process to start earning money online is quite simple.

Most people search for a fast way to make money online, or a get rich quick scheme. And most of the time, this thinking leads them down the scammers path. Making money online requires time, and effort. Just like an offline business, online business requires your commitment to grow. Nothing will happen over night.  Most people failed at making money online not because they couldn’t, they failed because they wouldn’t do the work.

If you understand that you need to work to make money online. You need to be committed to set up an online business to eventually earn you a passive income, then read on. If you want to make money fast, and lots of it, this isn’t for you.

Below is my number 1 recommendation for making money online. It will teach you the tools YOU NEED to make money online, and to be successful. Regardless of how you want to make money online you need to know how to sell it, where to sell it, and how to run your business. This is how I learnt ALL of that, and grew to the position I am in today. Enrol and learn the shortcuts to business success from people who KNOW what they are doing.

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