Real Online Profits – Scam or Legit?

These type of platforms just piss me off. Work from home and earn money for nothing. I am too annoyed to even bury the lead here. Hands down, Real Online Profits is a massive scam. It gives affiliate marketing a bad name, and is NOT a way to make money from home. In fact its one of the best ways TO LOSE MONEY.

I am constantly finding shitty affiliate marketing platforms and “work from home” websites as the internet is full of them. I try them all so YOU DON’T HAVE TO. This is not a Legendary Marketer alternative or a ClickFunnels alternative.

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Real Online Profits – The Scam EXPOSED.

Work from home with Amazon selling techniques. How I quit my job selling this one product on Amazon. We have all seen it, and there is a lot of legitimate products out there. Real online profits is taking advantage of this to make only one person money – THE OWNER.

First let check out the website:

Real online profits work from home scam

This image is identical to many other amazon scams, and will probably be used on many more – if you see it, immediately be skeptical. A quick google search for “Amazon work from home” brings up the image in the first few rows of results, add “scam” to it, and its basically the only image you’ll see.

The scam promising methods or generating quick income with amazon, and ultimately leads you to a sales page. For $97 you can gain access to the easy steps to work from home using Amazon to generate easy income. Ultimately the training system is worthless.

Other methods for luring in unsuspecting would be affiliate marketers and work from home novices is the promise of a job with amazon. Provided you sign up to the training course. Should be a red flag enough, but many have fallen for it. No job would require you to purchase training.

So all paid training systems are scams? This is the tricky bit, and why I expose as many scams as I can. You NEED to pay for legitimate money making training and affiliate marketing platforms. The hard part is knowing when to pay, and when not to pay.

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The Spread of the Real Online Profits Scam.

Real Online Profits is not only being spread through normal methods such as email marketing and paid advertisements online. But they have even been bold enough to COLD CALL and mass SMS people. The make money from home with amazon scam is not new. The creators are just getting better and more creative with how they take your money.

I have been surprised with the sheer volume of people reporting they have been called by an automated service telling them to visit the Real Online Profits website for a job with Amazon. Or how many people have received an SMS telling them they can earn 100s a day working for Amazon with a link to the website.

And this is how they make money. Its a volume game. Most people would be skeptical enough to do a bit of research – I am glad you found me! But quite a few will fall for it. SMS can be as cheap as a fraction of a cent, so they can blast and hit 100,000s of people with the click of a button.

Do not be fooled an know, as soon as this one is done, another will pop up. It has been re-invented many times before, and will be duplicated countless times in the future.

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Why Real Online Profits Is A Scam…

For those of you that have visited the website, you will agree the site looks pretty authentic. Designed to look like a real news website, with content lifted from legitimate sources to TRICK YOU into signing up.

The site ticks all the boxes, with current news stories and articles to build trust with the user. An article about work from home jobs provided by Amazon with images of Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon kind of look real.

Amazon is highly recognizable, and well known for making internet entrepreneurs rich with creative work from home opportunities. Most people know who Jeff Bezos is, being the richest man in the world, so the facts start to line up. Riches man in the world owns Amazon. Countless people use Amazon to work from home and generate income. Legitimate looking news site.

The saying, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is, wasn’t coined for no reason. Amazon is a money making giant – do you think they would pay you to do virtually nothing? Earning money is hard work, no matter what you do.

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Real Online Profits Conclusion – SCAM!

Real Online Profits is unfortunately just another scam designed to steal your money. Amazon wont pay you 100s a day to do nothing. The training is a con and is useless. I hope you came here first before buying.

Before you leave…

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