How Long Will It Take To Make Money Online?

I get this question a lot, and more than likely if you have found this post, you are wondering the same. New to affiliate marketing? Or considering entering the industry. Check out my Wolf Of Wall Street Moment on how I got started, and this 6 Step Guide to Making Money Online with little to no start up capital.

Most people who are thinking of making money online, or entering affiliate marketing do so with the ambitions of making money immediately. The internet is full of scam programs telling you that you can make $1000s almost immediately. So its not wonder people think its possible, in reality its not. Lets take a look at how long it actually takes, or at least my journey to give you an uncensored reality check into the process.

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Making Money Online A Reality Check

The best way to really dive into how long it will take you to make money online is to go through the process. My journey happened fairly quickly. I was committed and put aside 2 hours every day to work on my content and social media posts.

If you are even more committed than me it may take you a little less time. Or if you have less time to invest it will blow out your timelines to that first commission. Either way this post will serve hopefully as a reality check so you don’t go into the process disillusioned, which ultimately will disappoint you and demotivate you.

Content & Communication Plan 

Initially under the guidance of a mentor, someone like me (now) who has done the process and knows the mistakes I planned everything before I stared.

Firstly I decided what I wanted to do. For me it was natural, blogs. I enjoy writing and have always wanted to start one, so making money online through blogging was my answer.

How long will it take to make money online Content Is KingFor you it make be target ad copy pushing to a sales funnel. Facebook groups or social media communities. Either way once you decide how you will do it, you need to plan what your content and communication plan will be.

I decided I wanted to post something every day. For a blog this works wonders for SEO. Google loves sites that are regularly pushing new content. It also gives my site a lot of potential landing pages for long tail key words. 

Life always gets in the way. The number one killer for affiliate marketing, and online businesses is consistency, or the lack there of. To avoid this happening I wrote 2 weeks worth of blog posts and scheduled them in WordPress to go out daily.

From there with 2 hours a day put aside for social media posts and content, which I schedule through Hootsuite, and writing two posts a day to stay ahead and counter the days where I cannot write any.

Next came the affiliate program research – who was I going to partner with, and what was I going to sell.


Choosing an Affiliate Marketing Partner

There are so many affiliate programs out there, I wanted to be sure I was partnering with the best. High commissions, good product, longevity of service. I ultimately chose Legendary Marketer, which is my number 1 recommendation. Why did I choose it?

  1. Firstly 40% commissions, with a back end sales team that close for you. All I needed to do was generate leads. 
  2. A great product that could help ME as well as those I am selling to. The products I am selling I USED MYSELF to help start my business. If you are going to sell something, you may as well benefit from it as well.
  3. Longevity of service – what I mean by this is they are committed to their PRODUCT rather than their affiliate service. Each affiliate is reviewed at length, their compliance is incredibly strict – no false claims.
Because of point 3, this process to become an affiliate marketing took a while. I did the 15 day Business Challenge myself, which obviously takes 15 days. Then after apply to become an affiliate it took another 10 days. This is because they don’t want anyone promoting their products which is great for you, less competition, but also great for the legitimacy of the program. 
So this step as you can see took me about 30 days in total. Which was great as it gave me time to start generating traffic to my site, get followers and subscribers and establish a content rhythm.

If you are serious about making money online sign up NOW for the FREE 15 Day Business Challenge:

Making Money Online – The First Sale

We are now at day 35. You may be thinking, this is crazy, I want to make money NOW but what happens next is why the 35 day lead in time was so beneficial. 

Make Money Online Google AnalyticsMy site was up and running and as you can see from the analytics screen shot I was getting regular visitors of 10 – 20 per day. My social media content was being consistently posted, and affiliate partner has been selected – time to start selling. I posted my first affiliate link on the blog at day 36. 

Over the next 2 days I had 30 click through in total, 15 per day. Finally on day 39 I had my first ever commission sale! And the rest is history. I scaled, did my time and the business grew.

Making Money Online Doesn’t Happen On Day 1

As you can see, it took 39 days for my first sale. Could I have just posted on day 1, sure. May I have managed to get the odd random sale in the first 39 Days, absolutely. But by taking the take to develop the support structures for my business, I was able to launch and then CONSISTENTLY being making sales.

Hopefully this hasn’t scared you away. Affiliate marketing can make you a full time living. If you are committed to the process the rewards never stop coming. I feel it is critical to post this reality check, as so many people chase the get rich quick schemes and ultimately fail when they don’t have to.

My number 1 recommendation is to plan your process. Take the 15 day challenge to force you to map out how you will make your money online. It will not only set you up for success, but teach you valuable lessons so you don’t WASTE YOUR MONEY. Click the link below, and unlock your path to financial freedom! Get started today, for FREE! 

If you are serious about making money online sign up NOW for the FREE 15 Day Business Challenge:


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