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Have you ever heard of long tail Keywords? Or Keywords in general? Both are critical in driving free organic traffic to your website. One of the best free ways to drive traffic to your site is SEO. For those of you who are new to the world of internet marketing, SEO basically means, getting your page to the top of google or other search engines when people search for words or phrases.

For those of you who are completely new to the SEO space, you should check out one of my first SEO posts, 5 Easy to Fix SEO Errors, to get started. 

This article will focus on what long tail keywords are, how you can target them and most importantly why they are important to your SEO strategy of your site or blog. 

SEO Hacks – What Are Long Tail Keywords

Before we dive into what long tail keywords we should probably start of by explaining the concept of keywords.

Whenever you search for something online in a search engine, what you enter is a keyword. For example “Affiliate Marketing”. Generally the more generic, the more frequently they will be used, and therefore will be harder to target for your website.

What do I mean by target? Often when writing a blog post you will focus on a topic specifically to bring users to your website. For example with Affiliated Success I have a lot of posts on making money online, affiliate marketing and making money blogging for example. This is because these topics are tightly related to my niche and the customers I want to bring to my site.

A long tail keyword is generally a phrase that is very very specific to a topic. For example my key word before was “affiliate marketing”, a long tail example of this may be “how do I make money with affiliate marketing”.

This phrase will be used by far less websites and is very specific to the affiliate marketing topic. SEMrush also gives a very good example of a long tail key word below. 

Affiliate Marketing SEO Hacks Long Tail Keywords

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Why Long Tail Keywords Are Important For Affiliate Marketing?

As you can see from the above example, as the search volume decreases, and we get more specific with our search phrase, the conversion rate increases.

This is because people are looking for a very targeted an specific thing, often because they want an outcome. If I was searching for, for example, “how do I sign up to become an affiliate marketer online”, I am looking specifically for the purpose of signing up.  

So long tail keywords are actually not important just in affiliate marketing, but virtually any website trying to get traffic to their website. Whether it is to sell a product, get someone to sign up to your free service, or just for traffic sake. 

Not only are they important for conversions, but they are easier to rank highly in search engines. Anyone in affiliate marketing will target “affiliate marketing”. Not everyone will target “how do I make money with affiliate marketing online”.

The less competition for the keyword, the easier it is for you to rise up to the highly sought after number 1 position on search engines. 

Does that mean you can just come up with any phrase and target that? Not exactly, you need to ensure you target and find the right long tail keywords. How do you do that? Lets take a look!

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How Do You Find The Right Long Tail Keywords?

The key to finding a good long tail keyword is research! You need to find a keyword that still has a significant amount of search results, with a low level of competition.

Sure you may have found a long tail keyword you can instantly become number 1 for on google. But that doesn’t help if only 10 people ever look up that long tail keyword.

Fortunately there are many tools that can help you, with free accounts and of course paid accounts. Below are some of the top tools you can use,

Personally I like Keyword tool, but it really is just a personal preference. Below is a screenshot of the free version.

Affiliate Marketing SEO Keyword Tool

As you can seen when I type in a keyword, it then gives me a bunch of variations of that keyword. You can either start at the generic level if you are unsure of more specific keywords, or start at what you think may be a good long tail keyword.

Then all you need to do is take at the search volume, and competition. Picking one with a high search volume and the lowest competition possible.

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Now Put It Into Practise

SEO can be slow, especially if you are a brand new site. The key is to be consistent, and to ensure you do all the little easy things every time. Over time the accumulation of great SEO techniques will pay off with a page one listing.

The key to being successful in affiliate marketing, or any online business is having the right tools and knowledge to set you up for success.

Too many people when they start out are afraid to invest in themselves. Sure you can learn everything from google, but how long have you got? With an unlimited amount of sites all with their own opinion is takes forever to weed through all the information.

That is why its important to learn from others who have done it, and been successful. Affiliated Success was created by me after I finally became a successful affiliate marketer. I wanted to make sure you didn’t have to make the same costly mistakes as I did. Because trust me, I have made them all, and been scammed by everyone!

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