The Work From Home Dream – Is It Realistic?

So you want to make money online? Quit your job and work from home. You are not alone….You are REALLY not alone. 70% of us feel the same way.

I recently came across this great info graphic on home based business in America which had some really insightful information I just had to share.

A lot of my followers ask me is the work from home dream realistic? Can you really live the lifestyle you want, just from making money online?

I can attest to the answer being yes! But you need to really commit, and actually work hard. There are no silver bullets. No get rich quick schemes.

Clearly a lot of other Americas have the same idea! Every 12 seconds a new home based business is started. Just think about that for a second? That’s 7,200 people in America online starting an online business!

Of the 38 million active business’s 20% of them make $100k – $500k a year!

7.6 million america’s right now are earning $100k – $500k a year working from home. Generating $427 billion in revenue. Not only that but they have twice the success rate of conventional businesses.

The best part out of all of this? Nearly half of all work from home businesses are started for less that $5,000.

For an initial investment of less than $5,000 you can earn between $100k – $500k a year FROM HOME. And that’s 20% of people.

If you are not truly blown away by these figures then maybe I have been living under a rock! I think work from home, money money online, be your own boss whatever you want to call them businesses have a bit of a stigma.

Work from home businesses get a a bad rap because they are right for scammers. Everyone is chasing the dream, and its hard to look away from what appears to be a get rich quick system.

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How Can You Make It Work?

Firstly you need to understand it wont be quick, and it will involve work. As I say on the home page of Affiliated Success, if anyone tells you they have a quick easy way to make money online instantly be skeptical.

Are there easy ways to make money online? Definitely – affiliate marketing at its core is easy. But is it quick? No. You may go months depending on your strategy without earning any commission.

Every online business has one thing in common for sales. Traffic. And its hard work getting it. But the great thing is its an “easy” hard work. What I mean is you are working towards something you know will be incredibly rewarding. Everything you do will work towards eventually putting money in your pocket.

I don’t know about you but I find working to put money in my pocket, rather than make money for someone else a lot easier.

How Do You Work From Home?

Finding a way to make money online is half the battle. When choosing a business you should work in your strength zone. Do something you are passionate about. The first mistake you can make, is choosing something because it looks easy.

Whether its affiliate marketing, drop shipping, alibaba, ebay sales or even your own product you have to be passionate about what you do.

Do your research and have a plan. The best thing I ever did was buy a marketing training course. It saved me a least a year in my journey but giving me direct access to the tools I needed. Prior to that it was trial an error. A lot of wasted money and time.

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So How Do I Do It?

That’s why we are all here right? How do I make my money? I have a passion for writing, hence the blog and I also love teaching others and learning myself.

For years I have a massive interest in online marketing, so for me affiliate marketing was a great way for me to dip my toes in the water. With no need for my own product, a good program comes with a massive amount of training generally, yes grab those up sells when you can!!

This post is just a little teaser of things to come. In coming weeks I will bring out more and more content. Tips and tricks to run a successful online business and to MAKE MONEY, so keep visiting.

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