Flash Rewards – Scam or Legit?

Looking for an honest Flash Rewards review? Or simply want to know if its a scam? Flash Rewards is a site that claims to be able to help you earn gift cards from companies like Amazon, eBay and Walmart. On face value it looks like another rewards program.

With so many rewards programs, how do you know which ones are the best? Even more importantly how do you know which ones are scams. Is Flash Rewards a legitimate rewards program, or is it something to avoid at all costs? In a moment we will find out, but undoubtedly you have landed here in search of a way to make money. 

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Flash Rewards Review

Flash Rewards seems like a typical rewards programs that offers members gift car rewards for doing various tasks. Like other rewards programs there is a limit to the free offers that can make you money. And they won’t make you much money at all. Most of the offers that will allow you to earn larger amounts are paid offers.

So essentially it is a cash back scheme. The issue with these types of programs is they are only valuable if you always intended on purchasing the service or product. Rewards programs are rarely worth it, and actually in most case cost you money. 

They are exactly like frequent flyer miles and entice you to spend more, to spend when you never intended and are essentially a marketing tool. Adam Conover from Adam Ruins Everything summarises frequent flyer miles really well, and the principles hold true for all reward programs. 

So is Flash Rewards even worth looking at? Can you earn rewards from free tasks? Lets take a closer look.

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How Does Flash Rewards Work?

The website lays it out simply. Sign up, review the deals based on your interests, and redeem your gift card after you have completed enough offers.

Make Money Online Flash Rewards How Does It Work

Interesting the website for Flash Rewards is the URL for USA Reward Spot – I will go into that a little latter. To get started you simply click on the “Get a Quick Start” button, where you will first be asked to select from one of four gift cards.

Make Money Online Flash Rewards Gift Card Options

After selecting your card you will be required to create your free profile by entering your Name, email, address, phone, gender and DOB. It is worth mentioning if you are not over the age of 18 and residing in the US, you are not eligible for rewards.

After you have set up your profile you will gain access to a series of offers. The offers including signing up for games, mobiles apps as well as subscriptions to products and services, financials services and more. 

There are two types of incentives, which they classify by tier 1 or tier 2. For tier 1 incentives you need to complete 4 of the offers they present to you. This tier will reward you with $100 or less. 

Tier 2 requires you to complete 10 offers to be eligible for rewards over $100. So it goes without saying the more offers you complete, the more money you will make. Are there enough free offers to make money? The short answer is no. I am sure if you wanted long enough, eventually you will be presented with enough to make some money. But the majority of offers are “deals” to products and services, which then reward you.

So you are spending money….to make some of that money back. Not really a money making opportunity. It just helps you spend less money that you would without the rewards program.

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USA Rewards Spot Link To Flash Rewards

As I suggested earlier the website for Flash Rewards is actually the URL for USA Reward Spot. Why is that a problem? It isn’t necessarily, however it gave me some interesting information when I did further research.c

Flash Rewards is virtually a ghost on google. If you search Flash Rewards reviews they are virtually non existent. That is slightly odd for a legitimate rewards program. you would expect some reviews on Trust Pilot or similar review websites.

However when you look for USA Reward Spot quite a few results come up on complaintsboard.com. An most of them are negative. The majority suggest the rewards never come, and the surveys and offers don’t stop. 

Make Money Online Flash Rewards Complaints Board USA Reward Spot

And here in lines the problem with rewards programs, legitimate or not. You end up signing up to a bunch of services, or buying products you don’t need chasing rewards. Take a look at the complaint below that illustrates this perfectly

I completed all incentives for this reward. Took unnecessary memberships at $1 to $3 cost, and every completion still remain at 60% out of 100 never to complete itself at 100% . Almost 3 hours and repeatedly submitting subscriptions–Now I’ve got all these subscriptions to products that I don’t really need. 

It is also worth mentioning that USA Reward Sport shows up on many spyware sites, for example 2-spyware.com reporting it for being malware. They even go as far as illustrating how to remove USA Reward Spot.

Make Money Online Flash Rewards USA Reward Spot Spyware

It seems USA Reward Spot has just re branded itself to Flash Rewards – this is a major red flag. So is this enough to brand it a scam? What is the verdict?

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Flash Rewards – Scam or Legit? The Verdict

The red flag of USA Reward Sport and the complaints surround it are too great. I cannot recommend this site at all to any one. In fact I suggest you stay away from it.

Rewards programs, even the legitimate ones, end up wasting a LOT of your time and sometimes your money. The offers can be attractive, especially the chances of making money simply by doing some free offers. But they all generally end up the way of USA Reward Spot, a lot of wasted time, spending money you didn’t need to, and not getting any rewards. 

The only benefit rewards programs like this have, is if you already intended to buy the product. Even then you will end up giving away your personal information and will be inundated with offers and spam.

This is not a good way to make money. It is clear if you sign up to Flash Rewards  you will just take part in countless offers and never get anything in return. STAY AWAY FOR FLASH REWARDS. So is there a way to make money online? Yes there is, and its not reward programs, but is just as easy! 

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How Do You REALLY Make Money Online?

The good thing is making money online is actually quite easy. That being the actual process and steps you need to follow. However the work require is hard. You need to put in a daily commitment and build your online business. It wont grow itself over night.

There is no get rich quick schemes online. In fact, most people fail to make money online simply because they give up or they do not stay committed to the process.

If you understand that you need to work to make money online. You need to be committed to set up an online business to eventually earn you a passive income, then read on. If you want to make money fast, and lots of it, this isn’t for you.

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