Cash Website Success – Scam or Legit

Looking for an honest Cash Website Success review? Or simply want to know if its a scam? Cash Website Success claims to be able to help you earn $100s by using Amazon. 

Is this another get rich quick scheme? Or another legitimate way to make money online? This website is almost identical to a recent scam review I completed, 22 Minutes to Profits. Which itself seemed identical to my first ever review, Real Online Profits. All promise the same thing, and unsubstantiated way to make easy money using Amazon and eCommerce.

Unfortunately they all turned out to be scams, and get rich quick schemes. You will very quickly realise after a short time in affiliate marketing that get rich quick schemes NEVER work

Affiliate Success is dedicated to debunking all these scams in search of legitimate programs that can make you money. I only recommend programs and systems that have made me money. 

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Cash Website Success Review

The Cash Website Success website I believe is a re branded Amazon scam potentially created by the same people. There are countless programs like this that rely on copy and paste programs, get rich quick schemes and a few click systems. In fact Quick Home WebsitesHome Income MillionaireSilk Road Effect and Auto Online Sites all use this same marketing method. Quick easy money for virtually no effort on your part with a “done for you” system.

It is almost laughable how lazy the scammers have got with this website. As you can see from the below, taken directly from the Cash Website Success site, it has the exact same marketing opportunity as Real Profits Online. In fact, it even has the Real Profits Online headline, they haven’t even bothered getting rid of the prior websites branding.

Make Money Online With Amazon Cash Website Success Marketing Claim

This scam and website has been cloned so many times that it is scattered across the internet with many different domains. So how does it apparently work? What can we learn from this scam to avoid future scams?

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How Does Cash Website Success Work?

When you land on the Cash Website Success website you will notice a fake news article trying to hook you into a new work from home opportunity with Amazon. The article relies on the trustworthiness of Amazon along with well known news outlets to try and develop credibility with the viewer.

With the success of Amazon in recent years, with Jeff Bezos becoming as well known as Bill Gates, it is highly plausible they would be creating new business opportunities for Americans.

There is in fact no system or product here. If you click through and end up purchasing the product you will be presented with useless, generic eCommerce information. Cash Website Success continuous to spread due to prolific marketing, including telemarketing and mass text messages going out to the public. The phone calls are automated and tell people that they can earn $100’s per day with a home job if they just visit the Cash Website Success domain name.

The scammers approach is quantity. 99% of those who encounter this scam, but with the mass reach of the internet even scamming 1% of their reach will make this a worthwhile venture. So how do you spot a fake like this? The signs are very easy to spot.

What Can We Learn From Cash Website Success?

By analysing what the tactics that the Cash Website Success scam uses to attract and con unsuspecting victims you can hopefully identify any future scams you encounter.

Fake Testimonials

Get rich quick schemes all use the same tactics. The number 1 technique is fake testimonials. Below is an image from the Cash Website Success marketing. I don’t want to be judgemental but I don’t think you can get any more “stock image” than this.

There is now an entire gig industry around paid spokesperson testimonials, that you can almost discount every testimonial you see. For under $100 you can have someone, who knows nothing about your product or service record a video of how amazing it is. In fact you can also provide them with a script that they will memorise and present. For this reason I discount any testimonials that are not live videos, on social media and part of a community where you can interact with the person. 

Make Money Online With Amazon Cash Website Success Fake Testimonial Picture

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Fake Income Claims

Scams such as Cash Website Success focus on selling the dream, and highlighting what you can do with all the money you will make from the system. Testimonials are often filled with people sharing their disbelief at home much money that have made.

Often you can tell immediately at the size, and speed of the income claims made by the spokesperson. I made $42,000 in 3 weeks. In my first week using this program I made $5,000 and I now make over $500 a day.

Any system that claims you can make extreme amounts of money, in weeks or even months, are generally scams. Making money online takes time, just like growing an offline business. Imagine how long it would take you to set up a profitable coffee shop. Let that be your guide to compare income claims against. 

Done for You System, But No System…

What I mean by this is the marketing often claims to have a done for you system. When you sign up to the service or website all you have to do is copy the system they have set up for you and you will make money. There is no such thing as a copy and paste system. Online business is never one size fits all, and you cannot set something up with a few clicks that will immediately start to make money.

You will also notice that throughout the marketing they never really mention what the “system” is. Just mostly that it is a new system, secret and unknown or uses a well known eCommerce platform such as “Amazon” or “Alibaba”. That is all you will learn about the system.

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Anonymous Owners

Finally the other telltale sign the system or program is a scam, is that it is run by an anonymous creator. Anonymous does not mean nameless. In almost all cases the scam will give you a spokesperson, and a name such as Matty J. But it is generic, and not traceable to any real world person.

In online business one of the most powerful things you can do is build a personal brand. Search through social media, and anyone selling eCommerce or online business methods are all over video. They want you to know THEY came up with the system and THEY can help you make money online.

Having a personal brand, and being linked to a successful system allows you to grow trust with your audience and foster a loyal environment. By developing this network the marketer has an audience they continue to sell to. Repeat purchases and return customers means more dollars per customer. Personal brands is what EVERYONE in online marketing is trying to build.

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Cash Website Success – Scam or Legit? The Verdict

Obviously what we are seeing here is a complete scam. Cash Website Success is the name of the scam this week, and next week it will be named something else. What it will have in common is that it will promote eCommerce, with Amazon and a work from home business opportunity.

Ultimately 90% of the opportunities you come across promoting work form home Amazon opportunities are scams and best to stay away from. If you have any interest in online business opportunities visit trusted dropshipping brands such as shopify and Big Commerce

These companies sell products that help you set up online businesses, and all the online infrastructure needed for them. So they have an invested interest in you understanding dropshipping and how to set up a successful business. The more successful you are, the more money they make and the longer you use their services. 

So if this is a scam who can you trust? How do you make money online?

How Do You REALLY Make Money Online?

Affiliate Marketing Top Recommendation BonusYou can make a very good living using dropshipping. However I personally think there are better and easier ways to make money online.

The good thing is making money online is actually quite easy. That being the actual process and steps you need to follow. However the work require is hard. You need to put in a daily commitment and build your online business. It wont grow itself over night.

There is no get rich quick schemes online. In fact, most people fail to make money online simply because they give up or they do not stay committed to the process.

If you understand that you need to work to make money online. You need to be committed to set up an online business to eventually earn you a passive income, then read on. If you want to make money fast, and lots of it, this isn’t for you.

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