Ad Code – Scam or Legit?

Looking for an honest Ad Code review? Or simply want to know if it’s a scam? Ad Code claims to be a system that can help you earn over $5000 per day instantly and its guaranteed!

Immediately when a program not only states you are going to start making money instantly, but goes as far as to say its guaranteed you should be very skeptical. Without even looking at the program this seems like a text book get rich quick scheme. Get rich quick schemes just don’t work. Plain and simple.

I have been reviewing quite a lot of “instant” money making schemes and unfortunately all of them turned out to be scams. Programs such as Affiliate Advisor Group, 12 Minute Affiliate, Your New At Home Career and most recently Impact Mailing Club.

The thing with these programs, in particular Impact Mailing Club, people do make money. But its not instantaneous and there is a very short life cycle of the program before everyone who bought in loses all their money. 

Could Ad Code break the mould and finally offer us a get rich quick scheme that actually works? I doubt it, but we will take a look none the less. The good news is, regardless of whether its a scam or not there are legitimate ways to make money online. 

I have personally reviewed and tried 100s of programs. After being scammed myself when I started out, I decided to start Affiliated Success so you wouldn’t have to make the same mistakes I did. To make money online, regardless of how you do it you need to know how to sell, where to sell and how to get in front of customers!

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Ad Code Review

Ad Code is one of the latest get rich quick schemes I have come across, claiming to be able to make you fast money, and $5000 a day. For those of you not wanting to do the maths, that’s just shy of $2 million a year. SIGN ME UP PLEASE!

For regular readers of Affiliated Success, or anyone with some experience in online money making businesses, you’ll know immediately these claims are the biggest red flag of them all. What amuses me about Ad Code is that they haven’t even tried to “hide” or steer clear of the same red flags ever get rich quick scam has. 

In fact the website is almost a template from the get rich quick scammers text book…if there was one. Like nearly every scam out there its a very simple website, with prominent News and information sites displayed giving the impression the opportunity has been reported on or featured in these websites or news reports. It most definitely has NOT. The sales video even features a montage of news clips about “working from home” and “making money online” but none mention Ad Code at all.

This is because they are generic reports, or about other legitimate opportunities or programs and have nothing to do with Ad Code – this is an incredibly common tactic used by scammers. 

Affiliate Marketing Ad Code Website

With all that being said, lets take a closer look at what the program is about, and why I think its a scam.

What is Ad Code About?

So you have decided you want to start an online business, or make some money online with a side hustle and have come across Ad Code. Boldly stating you are guaranteed to start earning $5,000 a day it certainly sounds very appealing. When I first entered the affiliate marketing and online business space this type of promotion definitely would have enticed me. Sure its hyped up, and I wouldn’t believe you’d earn that much instantly, but there must be some substance behind it surely?

Well there isn’t. And if you are like I was when I started out, hopefully you have come to this review first!

This is a relatively new site that claims you can easily make a “guaranteed $5,000 per day or more starting today”. Apparently the system is so simple it does all the work for you. Ad code is essentially a sales funnel for a program called Click2Sell.

A sales funnel, sometimes refereed to as a conversion funnel, or a purchase funnel is as the name suggests. It funnels traffic, those who land on the page, through a sales process ultimately leading to a conversion or sale. Wait you may be thinking, Ad Code is a funnel….to sell me another program? Yes you read that right. Someone has set up “Ad Code” for the sole purchase of earning commissions for themselves on another program. 

The program in question is called Click2Sell which is a scam I recently reviewed, that is ripping people out of $10,000. With membership levels ranging from $250 to $25,000 it is a text book recruitment program that hinges on your ability to con other people into signing up. So that begs the question, is there really anything to review here with Ad Code? How does it work?

How Does Ad Code Work?

As previously mentioned, Ad Code is a sales funnel for Click2Sell, so in reality it doesn’t “work”. When you sign up to Ad Code, you are actually taken to the Click2Sell, so Ad Code is literally just a landing page. That is the entirety of the program. 

Affiliate Marketing Ad Code Click2Sell Redirect

Ad Code is like countless other scam funnel sites. The creators take the program they are promoting, make up their own program and “sell” it to you, but it just redirects you to the other program they get commissions on. Its a pretty lazy way of scamming people. There are quite a lot of people that do this bait and switch tactic for legitimate programs – which is not so bad. You may have landed on the site for the program XYZ but if you then end up with program ABC if it works, other than a little bit of deception its not overly harmful. 

The video briefly talks about a secret app, that will help you use banner ads to make $1000s, $10,000 even $100,000s. Ad Code personally created this app themselves and spent countless hours building the perfect app to help you make money online….then they direct you to Click2Sell.

So the question is not really “How does Ad Code work” but more, how does Ad Code itself and trick you into signing up to Click2Sell? Lets take a look at the red flags and tactics they employ. 

How Does Ad Code Scam You?

How Ad Code pulls in its traffic is very similar to most of these sites, either by spam emails, or online ads that manage to stay up long enough before being pulled for misleading or deceptive content. 

When landing on the website the bold eye catching incredibly false income claim greets you along with the sales video.

The sales video is completely useless, pure hype with false income claims and how you are a VIP and have been invited by someone who thinks highly of you. Anyone familiar with ClickFunnels would immediately recognise this little screenshot taken from the video. For those of you not familiar, the below is very clearly a screenshot of the back end members area of ClickFunnels.

Affiliate Marketing Ad Code ClickFunnels Income

The video then goes on to “sell the dream” talking about how much money you will make, showing various bank accounts of the presenter ranging from a couple of $100s to over $2 million. The video then launches into a long presentation on how other programs scam you, with false income claims and fake promises that you’ll make $1,000s a day.

BUT all of their claims and income screenshots are “verified” by independent sources so you can definitely trust them! Queue the fake testimonials, pictures of beaches, mansions and luxury cars….no mention of what the program is even about. 

All while watching the video in the left hand corner you will see countless pop ups,. Jeanie just earnt $266, Arlene just earnt $144 and so on. 

Affiliate Marketing Ad Code False Income Notifications

Finally in the top right corner is the typical false scarcity countdown timer. Only 7 free copies left, which slowly counts down to 1. Then simply hit refresh and it jumps back to 7.

Affiliate Marketing Ad Code Fake Scarcity Countdown

But we know the owner Rob Goldman,how can someone get away with publicly scamming people? All is not what it seems.

Ad Codes CEO Rob Goldman

During the sales video, the spokesperson reveals that they are in fact the CEO, Rob Goldman even showing photos of his mansion, luxury cars and girlfriend.

Affiliate Marketing Ad Code CEO Rob Goldman

Finding an online presence of a real person is pretty easy these days. Even those with private social media accounts, you can still usually find information about them albeit limited. Rob Goldman doesn’t exist online. 

This is a typical tactic of scammers – fake name, fake photo to try and appear legitimate. Along with fake testimonials, that you can get on fiver for as little as $50 by searching spokesperson videos.

Ad Code ticks all the boxes of a scam, but its “free” so whats the verdict?

Ad Code – Scam or Legit? The Verdict.

Ad Code isn’t technically a scam, because there isn’t really a program. They are not selling anything or taking your money. However, it is funnelling you into another program, Click2Sell which will earn the owner money.

As I said earlier, thats not a problem per se if Click2Sell makes you money but it is also dubious. You can read a full Click2Sell review here for more on that.  

With that in mind, I am still going to label Ad Code a scam. I hate this type of misleading and deceptive marketing. It’s especially damaging as it promises instant earnings, that are NEVER possible for someone starting out online. 

No one can EVER guarantee that you will make money online. If they could, everyone would be doing it, and everyone would be making money. My recommendation and verdict it 100% STAY AWAY FROM AD CODE.

How Do You REALLY Make Money Online?

Affiliate Marketing Top Recommendation Bonus

You can make money online, even $1000s a day – not every day mind you. But not instantly, and not without a lot of work. 

Making money online isn’t that difficult of a concept. The difficult that most find is impatience, time and effort. Like any business online or offline, it takes time to grow a steady income stream. Programs like Ad Code continue to perpetuate the myth that this isn’t true.

There are no get rich quick schemes, or silver bullets. No special “untapped” systems or programs that no one knows about, that will instantly start making you money. But with the right knowledge, and education you can shortcut the time it takes to start earning money online. 

If you are ready to invest in yourself, invest your time and consistently work on your business to slowly build a steady income stream read on. But if you want to make a lot of money, fast, this isn’t for you. 

Below is my number 1 recommendation for making money online. I used this program to learn the skills I now use to continue to build a successful online business. It will teach you the tools you NEED to make money online, and to be successful. Regardless of how you want to make money online you need to know how to sell it, where to sell it, and how to run your business. Enrol today, take the first step and learn the shortcuts to business success from people who KNOW what they are doing.

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