6 Tactics for an Effective YouTube Marketing Strategy

If you are using YouTube as a way to make money online you need to develop an effective YouTube marketing strategy. The power of YouTube is undeniable. The easiest part about video marketing use to be deciding what channel to put it on. The answer was always YouTube. 

Now you have other options, YouTube is still number one and will be your main publishing point. But now you can push it to Facebook, upload snippets to Instagram and do broadcasts live on Facebook and IGTV. 

At the end of the day you can choose to just go with YouTube or a blended video marketing strategy. Despite the obvious benefits of video marketing only 9% of small businesses are on YouTube. 

The main reason for this is content creation. Creating video is daunting and most business owners simply don’t want to or cannot create video content. However it isn’t that difficult and if you follow these steps you’ll be publishing videos in no time! 

Here, we outline 6 tactics for an effective YouTube marketing strategy:

1. Having an Effective YouTube Marketing Strategy Means Doing Your Research

Step 1 goes without saying and features heavily in any of my lists. Video marketing is the same as all other types of marketing. You need to understand your market, and your audience to appropriately and effectively communicate with them.

Research will form the basis of your plan and ensure coherent video content. Without understanding the background, you will be blinded created videos. Sure they may look great and be eye catching, but the message may not land and you will not end up selling anything. 

The first step when researching is starting with your competitors. This is the easiest way to start! See what they are doing. What content are they creating? Which ones are getting the most likes and views. Develop a list of successful videos and identify any gaps in the content you can improve upon. 

You can also leverage your existing networks if you have them. What content do your current followers like. On Facebook? Instagram? Whilst it is not video it will give you and idea of effective messaging. Review the analytics of your social channels to understand the demographics and behaviours of your followers.

These two shortcuts can help you understand and identify the best video content to produce. How to shape your message and most importantly how to improve on your competitors content. 

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2. Creative Doesn’t Always Mean Useful, Do Both.

There are two factors that are incredibly important when creating content for YouTube. Unfortunately too most people get one right, and not the other. It goes without saying if you want people to engage and watch your video it needs to be creative and eye catching.

According to Videonitch, 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute! That is a lot of content for you to compete with. In a sea of video content, your videos need to stand out to your followers. They need to have a compelling reason to stop and watch your video. Then they need a compelling reason to stay, which is where step 2 to this point comes into play. Your content needs to be useful.

Visually appealing and creative content will catch peoples attention and make you stand out in the crowd. Useful content will make them stand, subscribe and even click through your links. Do not create video content for the sake of publishing something. Quantity is important, but quality is more important to engagement and developing a loyal following.

Ensure your videos have a purpose, answer a question or provide some value to your viewers. YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind google, people want answers, so give it to them.

3. An Effective YouTube Marketing Strategy is Consistent

In the previous point I mentioned that quality is more important than quantity. Do not confuse this point with the need to be consistent. You cannot expect to sporadically post content, without a schedule, and to have the optimal results.

Whether you decide to post daily or weekly come up with a publishing and content schedule, then stick to it. Your followers will get use to your schedule and start to expect content based on it. I know the people I follow I expect to be able to view content at particular times. For example I know when I have lunch I can catch up on the latest SEO news from the gurus I follow as they always post in the morning.

You can very quickly lose followers when you skip and change your schedule. The online environment is fast paced and your followers can very quickly lose interest, or find someone to replace you. Do not give them a reason.

YouTube is a much harder social channel to maintain than others, with film costs and production taking a lot more time than posting a quick tweet or image. However, YouTube must be treated the same as any other part of your content strategy.

Consistent not only means your schedule, but also your brand personality. Your followers subscribe based on content you have published on a particular topic or niche, and expect more to follow. If you deviate from your original brand you will very quickly discover how to lose subscribers. Make sure your content is stands on message, and on brand. Be consistent with not only your schedule, but your content messaging to maximise your audience’s interest.

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4. Harness The Power of Other Networks – Collaborate

Easier said than done I know. Do not expect to be able to message a YouTube sensation with millions of followers and have them agree to collaborate. But what you can do is target other YouTubers in your niche or industry, with similar or slightly higher subscribers.

The plus side of the sheer volume of content producers and videos being uploaded is there is never a shortage of people to collaborate with. Reaching out to other YouTubers is an incredibly effective way to b ring attention to your brand, and harness the power of anothers.

Collaborating is a win win scenario for both parties. You can both take advantage of the others network, and leverage the develop trust and status to gain attention to your brand. Just because you are both in the same industry doesn’t mean you cannot help each other out. 

Have you ever noticed how where there is one coffee shop, you will find others? The same concept with your YouTube strategy. You will find your audience is interest in others content not just yours, so you can harness this to build your profile. 

5. Promote Your Website And Build Traffic

While video is an incredibly effective way of communicating messages, your website is still a powerful marketing tool for SEO and building organic traffic. YouTube is actually one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. As I suggested earlier, YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google. So why not take advantage of both to drive organic website to your site.

Your website is a dynamic and diverse marketing tool. You can rapidly change content, calls to action and harness the power of many different communication methods. Did you know using video on your website dramatically increases visitors on page time? According to wisita

The average time spent on pages with video is 7 minutes and 21 seconds. Whilst The average time spent on pages without video is 2 minutes and 48 seconds.

That is a 2.6x increase, and do you know what happens when people spend more time on your website? You have longer to convert them. There are many ways to use YouTube to build website traffic, but the key take away are:

6. Create Calls-to-Action

This one goes without saying, you would think, but so many people neglect it. You are making your video for a reason, spell it out to your audience. Do not leave it up to them to guess, or figure out what your intentions are.

All your videos should have a call to action (CTA). What do you ask them at the start and end of your video? Are you offering them anything? How do you get them to engage, and subscribe?

Different videos will have different CTAs, and that is up to you to discover and figure out. For videos that intorduce your page, or are likely to attract new followers the nature CTA is to ask them to like the content and subscribe. This should actually be a consistent message in all your videos.

Watch time, and engagement (such as comments and likes) are incredibly important in the YouTube algorithm. If you want your videos to show up first when people search, you need to encourage engagement.

Demos, instructional videos or videos on specific actionable topics would have CTAs to visit your site, or buy a product. CTAs are a great way to encourage engagement and to push your viewers through your sales funnel quicker. Some affiliate marketers use YouTube solely as their means to make sales.

A Bonus For Your Time!

So now you know how to have an effective YouTube marketing strategy and to maximise your results. Is that all you need to know? Well its a start. The key to making money online is knowledge. The more you know, the more effectively you can grow your business and make sales.

I am surrounded by affiliate marketers that have been in the industry for years, even decades and I am constantly learning from them. Some make $100k+ in a month, and even they invest in their education and up skill themselves regularly. 

Fortunately I have been lucky enough to review a lot of programs and training systems. That is why my number 1 recommendation is to invest in yourself and to learn the skills you NEED to grow and build an online business. From people who have been doing it for years SUCCESSFULLY.

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