Top 5 Reasons Why Affiliate Markers Need Social Media

Social media engagement is the key to capitalising on accounts and getting the most out of them. In today’s society if you don’t have some form of social media, you must be living under a rock. Social media is an essential part of business, especially making money online.

These days, you can probably count the people you know with no social media presence on one hand. Almost everyone has multiple social media accounts.

53% of the worldwide population are internet users, with 42% using social media accounts. With 3.19 Billion users of which 2.96 Billion are on mobile, social media offers an incredible opportunity to reach audiences for free. 

Affiliate Marketing Social Media Usage Stats
Source: Global social media research summary 2019

But its not just enough to be present on social media any more. Throwing up the odd post or content will give you some benefits. But if you really want to capitalise on this opportunity you need to focus on your social media engagement.

Social media engagement will bring you more followers, loyalty and establish a community around your brand that people want to be part of. If you are still on the fence, here are the top 5 reasons why affiliate markers must use social media.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Affiliate Markers Must Use Social Media

The reasons why affiliate marketers, or any online business for that matter, should use social media are endless. In this article I am just going to list the top 5 as I see them.  

1. Social Media Drives Traffic

Affiliate Marketing Social Media Traffic As I highlighted in beginning of this article, the social media worldwide audience is upwards of 3.19 Billion. This is an amazingly deep pool of potential customers to tap into. For free! Social media users follow their favourite brands, celebrities and content experts. If you post the right content, of a high quality people will naturally follow you.

Any free opportunity to develop a loyal following most be taken advantage of in affiliate marketing. Anyone in affiliate marketing will tell you 90% of the battle is traffic and your network. You cannot sell something if no one is seeing it!

If you consistency publish content in line with your brand personality customers will keep coming back. But that’s enough to develop a community of loyal followers. By focusing on social media engagement, your followers will want to be active on your social account. This will foster an environment that people want to actually join. Which means a larger audience!

According to Get Ambassador around 71% of customers will recommend that brand to others if they have a positive experience on social media! If you want to get the most out of your social media accounts you need to go the extra mile!  Publish great content consistently. And engage with your customers – encourage social media engagement as much as you can!

2. Social Media Can Boost Your Sites SEO

Affiliate Marketing How Social Media Suports SEOThere is some contention around whether social media actually directly contributes to your SEO ranking. According to SEO expert, Neil Patel, there are signs leading to it contributing, and signs suggesting it doesn’t. According to his takeaways on the topic of social medias impact on SEO, Neil summarised

This leads me to think that while the authority of a social account doesn’t impact search rank, links published on social media could be marked as credible back-links and thus influence a page’s rank.

So I think it is safe to safe, whilst there is contention on its direct relationship, there is definitely a correlation between social and SEO ranking. If we discount it entirely, your social profiles also rank in google searches. And social media platforms can be considered search engines themselves.

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3. Social Media Helps You Understand Your Audience And Tailor Your Content

Affiliate Marketing Social Media Understanding Your AudienceMost social media platforms have fairly powerful analytics built in. If they do not have the level to which you require there are countless social media reporting tool options with advanced analytic options. Why do affiliate marketers need this?

As an affiliate marketer, social media will be the backbone of how you interact with your customer base. By using analytics you can gain insights into what content works, and what doesn’t.

Unfortunately as much as we take pride in the content we produce, not all of it hits the mark. By measuring your social media engagement, how many likes you got, retweets, views and comments you can emulate the same results with future posts.

Taking it one step further, you can take your research to the next level by looking at what your customers post themselves. By reading their tweets, posts and watching their videos you can gain powerful insights into their lifestyles.

By understanding their lifestyles, likes and dislikes you can cater your content to make more compelling posts. You can identify what your customers actually want, and serve it to them on a plate. Which brings me to reason number 4.

4. Social Media Will Enhance Your Customer Relationships

Affiliate Marketing Social Media Enhances Customer RelationshipsIf you haven’t already picked up on the trend the benefits of one point flow on to another benefit. And the cycle continues. Customers that receive good customer service via social media are likely to spend 21% more than those who did not. Social media is critical for customer service, and your customer relationships.

You may be thinking, I am an affiliate marketer, I don’t have customer service. But you do! People following you want to know how you make your money. How they can make money themselves, and all the tips and tricks you can give them.

This is customer service. Your followers are more likely to purchase your suggestions if they trust you, and believe in your story. Social media is great for creating real connections with your potential customers, and personifying your brand by giving it a real face. 

Customers want real authentic experiences. When you stop seeing social media  solely a marketing platform where you can pitch to your customers, you will empower your brand. 

Affiliate marketing is all about traffic, establishing a network and developing your own personal brand. The top affiliate marketers leverage their position to develop their own programs. By setting themselves up as industry leaders they become the go to for anyone thinking of entering the industry.

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5. Social Media Will Get You Sales

Everything up until this point, has been leading to sales. Better customer service, boosting your SEO and gaining traffic. Enhancing your customer relationships and tailoring your content to their interest. All lead to more sales. 

Social media allows you to really target people who want to buy your product and access a worldwide audience. The advent of the internet transformed business for the better. You are no longer limited by who you can reach geographically and can literally become a millionaire from your bedroom.

For anyone starting out in affiliate marketing, social media offers a free traffic source. The return of investment (ROI) on free has endless potential. If you do it right, no other traffic source will beat the ROI of social media.

Social media is used by the world wide population constantly. People are more likely to buy from brands they are familiar with, and logically if you are always in front of them they will buy from you. 

Put It Into Practise And Start Making Money Online!

Affiliate Marketing Social Media Invest In YourselfSo now you know why you MUST have social media as an affiliate marketer it is time to put it all into practise. The great thing is making money online as an affiliate marketer really isn’t that hard. As long as you understand, like any business, it will take time to grow, and you need to invest in the process.

With affiliate marketing its very hard to not be distracted and keep your motivation. You are surrounded by marketing like “Make $200 a day with this simply strategy” or “How you can make $1,000 instantly”. Everything is promoting instant income, but the reality is a lot slower. 

I wrote a great post on just this point highlight how long it took to earn my first commissions.If you are committed to doing the work the financial potential is endless!

My number 1 recommendation is to invest in yourself. If you are not willing to invest in your own education, you really are not ready to be a successful affiliate marketer. If you were to to just one thing, I would strongly suggest to join the Marketers Club.

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